Productive Vocabulary Levels Test Guide

Productive Vocabulary Levels
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Knowing your level of productive
1. Go to
2. On the home page, click on ‘Test your lexis.’ You
will be directed to the Frequency Based
Vocabulary Tests (FBVT) page.
3. On the FBVT page, find the English Levels Test
(Productive) page and click on the test menu.
You will be directed to the Vocabulary Test
(Productive) page.
4. On the Vocabulary Test (Productive) page, you
will find three test versions (A,B, C)
5. Work on Version A only. Click on the 2000
Level and do the test. Once through, hit Check
to see your score. If you score below 50%,
stop working on the test and report your
productive vocabulary level to your lecturer at
6. If you score between 50-83%, then click on
the Next level button.
What to do once you know your level
of productive vocabulary?
1. Once you already know your level of
productive vocabulary, go back to
and click on Linked Lists. You will be directed
to the List_Learn page.
2. On this page, click on English BNC (1k-20k).
See the next slide.
List_learn BNC 20
3. On the list_learn BNC 20 page, choose your
appropriate basewrd number from a drop-down
list on the upper left-hand corner of the page.
Your basewrd number corresponds to your level
of productive vocabulary.
4. For example, if your productive vocabulary is at
the 3000 level, choose basewrd3 from the
dropdown list. The word families that you need
to study to improve your level will appear on the
left pane of the list_learn BNC 20 page. See the
next slide.
Basewrd3 (3000 level)
5. Click on any word on the list. The page will
generate a concordance report for you, which
is simply a listing of how your chosen word
and its forms are used. See the next slide for
an example.
Concordance lines for abandon
6. Click on any concordance line for you to
generate how a word is used in context. See
the next slide.
Abandon as found in a concordance
7. Click save from bottom
8. Click save.
9. When finished, highlight then copy-paste to
MS Excel on your computer.
10. On your excel sheet, copy-paste as many words as you want to study.
When you’re confident enough, say after two-three weeks, go back to and click on Test your lexis. Go to Version B of
the test and choose the level where you left off. Your goal at this stage is
to move up to the next level.
10. Your lecturer will ask you for your level updates before the mid and final
exam weeks. Your overall goal is to reach at least the University Word
List level, if you haven’t already done so.
Good luck!

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