The Explorer Pedro Cabral - ICT-BVG

By: Adrienne and Everett
Background Information
 Pedro Cabral was born in 1467 and died in 1530.
 He was Portuguese.
 He was educated at the royal court and became a
nobleman and a member of the king’s court.
Purpose of Expedition
Vasco Da Gama returned from his expedition to
India and the king was eager to sent out Pedro
Cabral to India for the riches.
Pedro Cabral had probably never sailed a ship
before but the king trusted him.
He was sponsored by King Manuel the first and
was given 13 ships.
His crew included experienced Nicholas Coelho
and Diego and Bartholomew Diaz all of who
were in charge of a ship.
Route of Expedition
 Pedro Cabral planned to follow the same route to India
as Vasco Da Gama.
 As instructed the fleet sailed southwest and passed the
Canary and Cape Verde islands. The sailors hoped for
winds that would carry them around the Cape of Good
Hope at the southern tip of Africa. However, the fleet
sailed off course, probably because of the weather.
 They spotted land and headed for it. Pedro Cabral
named it Island of the True Cross and the named was
later changed to Brazil. He claimed it for Portugal.
Hardships Faced
 Rounding the Cape of
Good Hope on their way
to India the fleet were
caught in bad weather
and were blown off
course. On their way
back to Portugal the
fleet was caught in a
storm where four vessels
were lost and one landed
in Madagascar.
Historical Contributions
 Pedro Cabral helped in expanding Portugal by
claiming Brazil for them.
 He also brought back riches from India.
Other Notable Occurrences
 King Manuel was so pleased with Pedro Cabral he told
him to prepare for a return trip.
 For eight months he worked, but at the last minute
Vasco da Gama, who was superior in rank, decided he
would take over this expedition.
 Cabral retired from the sea, married, had six children,
and in 1530 he died at the age of sixty-three.
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 Where did he get blown of course?
Cape of Good Hope
Canary and Cape Verde
 Who sent him out on the expedition?
King Ferdinand and Queen
King Manuel the first
 Who’s route was he following
Vasco Da Gama
Bartholomew Diaz
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