Benson S. Munger, PhD
Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center
University of Arizona
[email protected]
Denver, CO
bsm 11/11
A New Subspecialty
bsm 11/11
• The Growth and Importance of
Informatics in Medicine
• Growing Physician Demand for
Informatics Training
bsm 11/11
• Identified Need for Clinical
Leadership in Informatics
• Need for Standardized Training
and Certification
bsm 11/11
American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
Identified Demand for Informatics Training
Sets Goal of Subspecialty in Clinical Informatics
Support from the Robert Wood Foundation
to Develop Subspecialty Documents
bsm 11/11
Two Required Documents
1. Core Content
2. Draft Training Requirements
Accelerated Work Plan – 18 months
Electronic Distribution and Collection of
Stakeholder Comments with Multiple
bsm 11/11
Defines the Subspecialty of Clinical Informatics
Explains how Clinical Informatics relates
To Medicine
Provides a Framework for the
Certification Examination
bsm 11/11
bsm 11/11
Based on the Accreditation Council for Graduate
Medical Education (ACGME) Requirements
Defines the Specific Educational Requirements
of a Program
References to the Core Content
Template for Accreditation of Training Programs
bsm 11/11
Defining the Medical Subspecialty of Clinical Informatics. Don E Detmer, John
R Lumpkin, Jeffrey J Williamson. JAMIA 2009;16:167-168
AMIA Board White Paper: Core Content for the Subspecialty of Clinical
Informatics. Reed M Gardner, J Marc Overhage, Elaine B Steen, Benson S
Munger, John H Holmes, Jeffrey J Williamson, Don E Detmer, for the
AMIA Board of Directors. JAMIA 2009;16:153-157
AMIA Board White Paper: Program Requirements for Fellowship Education in
the Subspecialty of Clinical Informatics. Charles Safran, M Michael Shabot,
Benson S Munger, John H Holmes, Elaine B Steen, John R Lumpkin, Don
E Detmer, for the AMIA Board of Directors. JAMIA 2009;16:158-166
bsm 11/11
Requires Approval by the
American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)
Requires a Primary Board Sponsor(s)
The American Board of Preventive Medicine
Agrees to be the Primary Sponsor
ABPM Submits a Formal Application to ABMS
bsm 11/11
Co-Sponsor Interest by the American Board of
Pathology and Others
September, 2011
Approval of the Subspecialty of
Clinical Informatics
bsm 11/11
Development of the Examination
Responsibility of the ABPM
First examination possible in 2013
Credentialing the Responsibility of
ABPM or each Primary Board
bsm 11/11
Program Accreditation
Responsibility of the ACGME
Program Information Forms (PIF) Likely
Available in 2012
Accredited Programs Likely
Available in 2013
bsm 11/11
Medical Degree
Current/Valid State Medical License
ABMS Member Board Certification (24)
+ either
Completion of an Accredited
Clinical Informatics Program
Practice Track
Normally Available for 5 years
Requires Some Demonstration
and verification of Actual
Contact Your Primary Board or ABPM
bsm 11/11
1. Do Physician Really Want to be the
Clinical Informatics Leaders in Medicine?
2. Will Institutions Create Sufficient
Numbers of Training Programs?
3. Who Will Provide Organizational
Leadership to the Subspecialty?
bsm 11/11
Potential AAMC Roles?
Medical School/Teaching Hospital Level
Inclusion of BMI training in medical school
Use of Training Options to Supply Workforce
Support of GME Programs
Departments of Clinical Informatics
bsm 11/11
Potential AAMC Roles?
AAMC National Level
Formal AAMC Support Groups
and Functions
bsm 11/11

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