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Societal Marketing
Event Management
Stall & Ambiance
Marketing Services
BRN Associates
288- Block 7/8, CP & Berar Society
Cell 0321 929 07 08 / 0300 929 7196
e mail [email protected] [email protected]
Established in 2002
We offer solutions in the field of Societal
Marketing, Event Management, Stalls & Ambiance
and Marketing Services (Activation & Outdoor
media) to our Clients.
We know very well who our clients are, what
their business objectives are and how to support
We work with our clients as a team and build up
mutually beneficial long term relationships.
Societal Marketing / CSR Campaign
Events [Conferences, Launches, Concerts, Expo
& Festivals]
Exhibits & Ambiance [Stall & others display]
Societal Marketing
 World Kidney Day 2012
World Hepatitis Day 2008,
2009, 2010 & 2011.
Campaign “Am I Number 12?” with World Hepatitis
Alliance UK & other local & MNCs organizations.
 Lymphoma Cancer Day 2011
 World Osteoporosis Day 2011
 World Menopause Day 2009
World Diabetic Day 2009
Breast Cancer Awareness
Clinical Oncology Conf. 2011
Eurocon 2010 & 2011- APASL STC KarachiFun In The Sun 2011
26th & 28th Export Trophy
NAPA- Social event for Novartis Employees Parents
Geo C Future 2005 & 2006
20th Year celebration of Bayer Products
The first FPCCI Telecom Excellence Award
Launch of Gillette – Vector & Champion
Brands Of The Year Award 2007
Electronic Sports World Cup 2007
Ambiance & Exhibit
 United Mobile, Nokia in Geo C Future
Roche Pakistan Ltd, in various medical conf.
Pakistan Air Force in Ideas
Stile Tile in IAP event
Bayer Pakistan, ICI Pakistan, Feroz Sons Labs,
Novartis Pakistan, Lilly Pakistan and other in various
medical conferences
•The spark and the stride in us, is the young
energetic team of individuals who are willing to
offer fresh innovative ideas apart from being
hardworking is our asset.
•The optimistic approaches of those individuals
have made a difference that shows in their work
and environment.
•The BRN team is expert in: All areas of BTL,
Outdoor Media, Internet Advertising and Event
for your valuable time and consideration

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