Wil Haywood
Rossana Bua
Rhishi Katoch
Kelvyn Araujo-Valdez
Steve Kim
Social Networking Sites
 Enormously popular
 Estimated 2/3 of all U.S. Adults*
 71% stay in touch with current friends
 50% connect to old friends who’ve lost touch
 Estimated 98% of all 18-24 year old who are online and
access social media each month**
 75% of online senior adults engage
 82% of adults ages 55 to 64
•*Pew Research April-May 2011
•**Experian Simmons Report, 2011
Facebook and Security Issues
 Facebook
 Most popular of all social media sites
800 million users as of December 2011
 More than 50% of all users log in daily
 Average user has 130 friends
 Cybercrime
 Internet Fraud
 Phishing
Forensic Tools
 Is there a way for us to remove the anonymity of
users in social media sites such as Facebook?
Facial Recognition in Use
 Carnegie Mellon University conducted experiments to see if an
individual could be identified based on the availability of
select information, both online and offline.
 They searched public profile images from online social networks
and compared them to dating sites to determine how accurate the
software was in identification
 They collected images of consenting students walking on a
campus, and compared those to Facebook. Students provided
some information and were asked to identify themselves in
offline images.
 Researchers gathered personal information previously unknown
from a face by training an algorithm to identify Facebook profile
We use application to identify small sample of
users on Facebook.
Detect an image
How to get started…
• We created an account
• We created a new
• Select method
• Upload a picture or url
•Call method
• Image detects five points
on face with different
• Glasses, Smiling, Face,
Gender, Mood, Lips
Save tagged
To name a specific
person (based on
known information):
Change method to
Enter the stored tag id
Look for the user of a
known account.
Train the API to
recognize a face
Providing a username
for a face trains the API
to recognize that known
user on Facebook
Can the API identify a distinct face among many?
More than one ID
stored in API
Multiple Facebook
user IDs are entered
into the API.
Facial Recognition Concerns
 Potential for misuse – Privacy issue raised:
Sen. Jay Rockefeller: “While there may be great
potential for commercial, personal, and law
enforcement users of this emerging technology, its
development also raises numerous questions about
individual privacy”
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