Setting up MyChisholm
Access the Chisholm website
From any of the Chisholm campuses the website is accessible either by clicking
home or typing “intranet” in to the location bar.
If you are accessing the Chisholm website from home or another location
enter in to the location bar.
• Along the bottom of the page click once on
• Then click once on the “Go to myChisholm”
• In the login box that appears, enter your first
initial followed by your student id.
• Your password will be your date of birth
unless you changed it when you first logged in
to windows.
You will then be presented with the myChisholm member area
• On the right hand side click on
Widows Live E-mail
• This will open the Windows Live website.
• Your Windows Live ID will be in the format
[email protected]au
• Your password will be your date of birth.
(This will not change when you change your windows password)
• Note: The FirstYearEnrolledWithChisholm will be the first 4 digits of your
student number shortened to a 2 digit year.
• Example: [email protected]
• If you use Windows Live services with a different
account (ie. Hotmail or Messenger) you can link
these accounts so that email received from one
account can be accessed from the other.
• To set this up ensure you are logged in to the account
you want to be the default. You may want to log out
of your student email and in to your regular live
• Click on your Windows Live ID in the top right corner
of the page.
• Select “Options” from the menu.
• Click “Linked IDs” from the account section.
• Then click “Add linked ID”
• You will first need to re-enter the password for
the account you are logged in to.
• Next enter the Live ID of the account you wish
to link followed by the password for that
Click on the “Link” button to complete the process.
Note: If you are linking a different account to your Chisholm live account the ID’s and
passwords will be in reverse order.
• You may have other email accounts you wish
to be able to receive mail and notifications for
through Live.
• Click on the arrow next to your Windows Live ID
• Select “Options” from the drop menu.
• Select Email Addresses from the account section.
• Then click “Add an email address”
• On the following screen select “Add your own email
address” radio button and enter the address you
would like to receive mail for (note: a text box will
appear after selecting Add your own email address)
Click the “Add” button to have a verification email sent to the email
address you added.
• Login to your email account and open the
email from Windows Live
• Click or copy to your browser the first link in
this email.
Hello, [email protected]:
It looks like you added an email address to your Windows Live account ([email protected]).
- [email protected] Added
If you added this email address, great! Use this link to confirm [email protected]:
If you didn't add this email address, cancel the request by using this link:
Thank you,
Windows Live
Microsoft respects your privacy. To learn more, please read our online privacy statement:
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
• Some email services are not compatible with
Windows Live causing emails to not appear in
Live Mail, in this situation you may need to
forward the email from Live to your other
email address.
• This can be done by going to your Live account
• Select “Mail” from the categories on the left
had side.
• Choose “Email forwarding”
• You may also set the default account mail will
appear to be sent from when you send an
email from live mail, this is located under
Email options, “Sending/receiving email from
other accounts” item.

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