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Essential Life- Virtual Mall is an exciting take on "shopping at home." Every so often you
may find that not all the products and services you need are found under one roof. At
times you are unable to make online purchases because you do not have a credit card of
your own! You miss out on great deals because you "didn't know" or could not afford it!
At Essential Life, our ambition is to bring value-driven businesses to your doorstep!
Registered Members of Essential Life-Virtual Mall can have exclusive discounts whenever
they shop in the mall's stores!
Members will have a personalized and embossed, E-Life transactional card that can be
used to:
Make online purchases
POS purchases
Save and withdraw
All members will earn points that can be exchanged for premier goods subject to the ELife Reward Points Structures
Members will also have the opportunity to earn exciting commissions through introducing
friends and family whom in turn want be part of the growing Essential Life community!
Shopping in the Virtual Mall
Our Mall is an online “one stop” destination where you can purchase a variety of
goods and services. Instead of walking around in stores as you normally would,
you simply click on the store that you wish to enter.
A web page will appear featuring the store’s merchandise. Add or remove goods
to and from your cart.
When you are ready to leave the store, return to the home page and click on
another store and continue shopping.
Once you are done, you can make your purchase with your Cheque Card, Credit
Card or Essential-Life Master Card.
Goods which you would have purchased will then be delivered at your door step
according to store delivery turn around times .
Membership Benefits
You will receive exclusive membership discounts from all the stores in the
Virtual Mall
You will earn points when you shop from any of the stores in the Mall
You may earn commissions through our Referral Programme
You can rate your favourite stores thus creating a “Shoppers Profile” where
similar stores/products that you like will be highlighted in your profile
Members will receive an embossed, personalized Master Card whereby they
will receive their commissions
This card can be used to make purchases in the store and anywhere else
where Master Card is accepted.
Additional Members’ Rewards
At Essential Life, we are committed to bring value driven goods and services to
your homes. It is thus important that the Virtual Mall in turn creates an enabling
environment in order for you the member to be able to attain these goods and
In addition to our exciting benefits, Members of the Virtual Mall have the
opportunity to earn $50.00/ZAR500.00 for each direct referral they introduce
and register into the Virtual Mall.
That is already a great way to start receiving earnings!!! Your funds will be
credited to your Essential Life Master Card on payment dates and you can begin
shopping, hassle-free!!
Take Note of Cut- Off Times for Commission/Referral Pay-outs
 To qualify for a pay-out on Friday, you must have cycled out between
Saturday and Thursday of the previous week.
 Cut-off Time is Thursday mid-night.
Entry Board
Starting up in the Affiliate program is simple. When you join
Essential Life, are positioned at Level 1 of the Entry Board and
as the board fills, it divides into two sub-boards, taking you one
level up each time. There are 4 levels in each board, and
members maneuver from level 1 to level 4 as other newly
registered members enter the board.
Once you exit the Entry board, you earn a $300.00 commission
which will be credited to your Essential Life Master Card/ Bank
account. The board splits when all positions on the board are
filled. All that is required for you to reach the top of the board
is for you to have directly sponsored two people as quick as
Achievers Board
Once you cycle out of the Entry board, you are then positioned at Level 1 of the Achievers
board. The Achievers board functions in a similar way as the Entry Board, the difference is in
that the movement on this board is affected by the influx of other members that are exiting
the Entry Board and thus entering the Achievers board; this process is the fashion in which
the board fills up. New members are unable to join the Achievers board directly.
Once this board fills up, it breaks into two sub-boards, promoting you up to the next level.
The Members at Level 3 receive a total of ZAR10, 000.00/$1,000 each.
This income is split in half; when 4 members enter and fill level 1 from the Entry Board
Members at Level 3 earn ZAR5, 000.00/$500.00 each. Once the board is completely filled,
these members receive their remaining ZAR5, 000.00/$500.00 commission.
The member at Level 4 earns a mega bonus of $4,000 credited to their Essential Life Master
Card/Bank account when the board is filled up.
This income is also split in half; when 4 members enter and fill level 1 from the Entry Board,
the Member at Level 4 earns ZAR20, 000.00/$2, 000.00. Once the board is completely filled,
this member receives their remaining ZAR20, 000.00/$2, 000.00 commission.
Payments are done every Thursday. And that’s not all, in addition you get a re-entry
into the Achievers board for you to make another $5,000 in a revolving fashion. This
process goes on and on enabling you to cycle out monthly, weekly and even daily.
There is unlimited earning potential. In order to cycle out from the Achievers board,
you need to assist two of your directs to come to the Achievers Board and that they
do the same for their two directs.
Entry Board
Once you are registered you are placed on level one of
the Entry Board. Once the board is filled up with newly
enrolled members, the member at level 4 exists the
Entry Board earning USD300.00/ZAR3, 000.00!!!
Achievers Board
After exiting the Entry Board, members enter the Achievers board at level 1. The Member
• WhenWhen
four members
four members
enter the
the board
at level
the 1,
who is on level 4 exits the Achievers Board earning a total of $4,000.00/ZAR 40, 000.00
$2, 000.00/ZAR20,
each. When
each. the
the is
will receive
their their
when the board is filled! The member will re-enter the Achievers Board at Level 1 and
remaining commission
of $500.00/ZAR5,
of $2, 000.00/ZAR20, 000.00
continue to revolve on this board. Members at level 3 will earn totals of $1, 000.00/ZAR10,
000.00 each!!!
Follow The Leader
Follow-the-Leader method ensures that your boards move as fast as possible. Your
registered down-line members will constantly be following you as their “leader/up-line”
in the system. As you revolve on the Achievers board, they too will follow your trail.
Jump Over
The Jump-Over method allows ID’s that have over less active members. We have not left any
stone unturned to value those who are dedicated to the Business and have that zeal within
to reach the top. registered 2 directs beneath them to jump to the top of the board, if there
are no other ID’s above them with 2 directs. Jump Over allows members that recruit best to
have preference
How Do I Join?
 Download and go through your Membership Application Form from
 After familiarizing yourself with the Terms and Conditions of your
membership, make your membership fee payment at Essential Life’s account
(For clients in Zimbabwe):
Bank NameAccount NumberBranch NameReference-
Borrowdale Branch
Your Name and Surname
Membership fee of $200.00 should be deposited in the account--
 (For clients in South Africa)
Bank NameAccount Number Branch Code-
Your Name and Surname
**(Placing a Reference when making your payment is Critical in order to promptly
receive your registration code/s)
Membership fee of R2, 000.00 should be deposited in the account–
 Send your proof of payment together with your membership application form
and Registration Code Requisition Form (RCR form) to
 [email protected] or fax to 086-773-9924
 For any other queries you can call one of our consultants on 012-364-2412

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