Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Entrepreneurship &
Small Business
Ch.5 - Glencoe
The Ins and Outs of an Entrepreneur
 Entrepreneurship – is a business started by someone
who notices a need for a product or service
 Virtual Business (dot-com company) – is a business
that operates on the internet
 Entrepreneur - someone who recognizes a business
opportunity and organizes, manages, and assumes
the risks of a business enterprise, with the intent of
increasing the market value of business
Entrepreneur Spotlight
 Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com Founder
 Opened virtual doors in July 1995
 Company wanted to change book buying over the
 Over 29 million customers
 Forging ahead in high-tech shopping
The Biz Behind
In the early ‘90s, the art
market slowed down. Larry
Mangel, an art dealer,
decided to change his
career focus and open his
own business, Bozart Toys.
What makes Larry Mangel
an entrepreneur?
Advantages of an Entrepreneur
 Risk Taker – someone who likes to take risks
 Satisfaction from taking a risk and becoming a success
 Showing expertise and skills
 Working from home
 Gaining Profit
 Profit – is the money left over after a business had paid for all
costs of producing its goods or services
Disadvantages of an Entrepreneur
 Total Responsibility for the business
 Long Hours
 Financial Risks
 Run out of money (main reason why fail)
1. What are two advantages of an entrepreneur?
2. What are two disadvantages of an
3. What is the main reason why entrepreneurs
The Biz Behind
Bozart toys started with a
business plan in ‘95. One
year later Mangel acquired
the money and produced
the first you, Marco the
Why do you think Mangel’s
company became a
Small Business:
What You Need to Know
 SBA – Small Business Administration
 Small Business - an independently owned business that usually
has the owner as its manager
 Serves a limited geographic area
 Employees fewer than 500 people
 Not dominant in its industry
Small Business:
What You Need to Know
In United States…
 About 25 million small businesses
 Employ more than 50 percent of the total workforce
 Generate more than half the nation’s income
 Principle sources of new jobs
 Account for about 40 percent of jobs in high technology (2006)
The Biz Behind
Mangel manages all aspects
of Bozart. He travels to
China a few times a year to
ensure quality control in the
manufacturing of toys.
Identify some reasons why
a small business might be
hard to manage.
Advantages of Small Business
 Being the Boss
 Make own decisions, usually manager
 Opportunity to offer services to larger companies cannot offer
 Knows customers so well, they can meet individual needs
 Ease of Formation
 Require licenses and meet local zoning requirements
Disadvantages of Small Business
 Effect of Change
 Must be aware of changes and quickly adapt
 Need flexibility and change
 Be mark market savvy
 Managerial Skills Needed
 Must have multiple skills
 Inadequate Financial Planning
 Must be financially smart
 Keeps a small business successfully afloat
1. How does the Small Business Administration define a
small business?
2. Give an example of a service that a small business
may offer that a large company cannot offer.
3. Which is more difficult to form: a large business or a
small business?
4. List two financial reasons that small business fail.
The Biz Behind
The Bozart Toy Web site
shows consumers its
products, but other online
sites and toy stores sell the
What are some benefits of
selling toys online?

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