Persuading Difficult People

Persuading Difficult People
KU Edwards - Professional Edge
Kerry Benson – Lecturer, KU William Allen White School of
Journalism and Mass Communications
Difficult People
Whose face do you picture?
“Wear good shoes and run
like hell.”
Three Cs of D
Those driven by conceit
Those driven by competition
Those driven by control
Three keys to persuasion
Take credit, grandstand, monopolize
Can’t feel empathy, feel entitled,
devalue others…
Self-interest is
key to
Provide positive recognition
Identify their investment
Personalize all communication
Mimic their communication
I will argue.
And argue.
Just for the sake of
arguing. Because it’s
a game. A game I
must win.
Simplicity is
key to
Keep communication focused
Lose the biz jargon
Consider loss aversion
Establish credibility
What about those who
control by saying yes when
they mean no?
What about those who are
deceptive and slippery
when confronted?
Choice is key
to persuasion
Show you are good enough
Provide choice comparison
Use Ws to provoke thought
“Wear good shoes and run
like hell.”

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