Every since the telecom prepaid Dth
recorded his phenomenon growth in
last decade , the new avenues of
business growth has grown ,
particularly when the rural market in
inda has been , exploding with growth
opportunities’ . The vast landscape of
The telecom industry in India
is growing at breakneck
speed, and the majority of the
growth is contributed by the
wireless or mobile segment.
In July 2009, TRAI estimated
India’s total telephone
subscriber base reported to
be 479.04
At 110.01 million connections ' Indian
Telecom Industry' is the fifth largest and
fastest growing in the world. The subscriber
base has grown by 40% in 2005 and is
expected to reach 250 million in 2007
Over the last 3 years, two out of every three
new telephone connections were wireless.
Consequently, wireless now accounts for
54.6% of the total telephone subscriber base,
as compared to only 40% in 2003
Wireless subscriber growth is expected to grow at
2.5 million new subscribers every month in 2007.
The wireless subscriber base skyrocketed from
33.69 million in 2004 to 62.57 million in FY 2004
-2005. The wireless technologies currently in use
' Indian Telecom Industry ' are Global System for
Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division
Multiple Access (CDMA). There are primarily 9 GSM
and 5 CDMA operators providing mobile services
in 19 telecommunication circles and 4 metro cities,
covering more than 2000 towns across the
country. And the numbers are still growing for
' Indian Telecom Industry '. ' Telecom Industry in
India ' is regulated by 'Telecom Regulatory
Authority of India' (TRAI). It has earned good
reputation for transparency and competence.
Three types of players exists in ' Telecom Industry
India' community
Cell biz
sms Recharge module
on a
infra structure where the telcom and Dth recharge are made available thru making the
recharge available on telecom as well as fmcg outlets , in consumer durable outlets , and
also in non conventional outlets , thus making the
available at the doorstep of the
Always believed in creating infrastructure
where in people from other trade or people
from other profession can also join and be
we believe in the passion of committing
convince , as the common people from trade
or non trade will be able to understand the
local market , and work away from the
confidential approach
Pan shop
flower shop
flower shop
customer care for the retailers , we
have integrated the system and
process in web so that every retailer
who are equipped with computers
can watch the detailed transactions .
Further the retailers get the advantage to work on low inventory ,
and need not stock as with one common load the retailer can
recharge all the prepaid mobiles &dth . Further every retailer can get
to recharge pan India operations , thus benefits the retailer to
Recharge any Dth and prepaid mobile . Further extra benefit to the
retailer as the retailer gets a refund in any case the Recharge process
does not happen .
Cell biz has right from the day one has
maintained and we do train our retailers in our system , each retailer is provided with
Recharge code details , and process is the retailers has to type the CODE WITH
CUSTOMER NO +A +AMOUNT and has to send it to the server. The process is very
easy and also if any retailer puts a wrong code or send the sms 2 times we
will automatically the server will reject the recharge process and thus save
the retailer from loss.
Pls note that as we deal with multiple operators with a single
Therefore the Recharge process cannot be as the same fast as
done by the operators , but the Retailers do get the facility of
Numerous customers without having to keep the stocks of all
the dth and the prepaid telecom operators , as we in turn
keep the stocks at out end , and the retailers can round the
clock do the recharge .
million. What is even more interesting is that a
majority of the wireless connections, almost
90% of them are prepaid. Given an ARPU of
around Rs 200, we can assume that an average
recharge is Rs 200 per month, or Rs 2400 per
year. Based on these numbers, the recharge
industry size works out to be approximately Rs
9600 crore per year. The mobile industry has
been witnessing the
The growth as the common man below the
poverty line has started to use mobile phone
What about the DTH market?
Talking of DTH, is expanding at 35-40%. TV
viewership is believed to be the second highest in
the world and is expected to swell up to 35-40
million by 2012. The installed base of DTH is very
small compared to this number space also
remains mostly untapped and could offer a big
opportunity to third party recharge players.
How to we fit in this Recharge ?
The margins in the recharge business is wafer thin, with the retailer
earning between 3-3.5% margins and the distributor earning 1%.
There is no concept of wholesaler in this business. But with this thin
margin it is making the distributor distribution much more
challenging as more coverage leads to more expenses. Thus makes
the distributor land up with poorer Return on investment .
medical shop
kirana store
For example - to appoint a barber shop , a carpenter
shop , sweet or pan shop in the locality as one of the
outlets , helps both ways not only does the retailer
has a new source on income but also the common
customer is able to get the better quick service round
the clock as the customer does not have to walk down
to the telecom outlets to recharge his or her mobile or
Cell biz has planned a pan India operations, started the operation around 2 years
ago and we have been witnessing a steady growth presently we have successfully
launched in west Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra .
What is so unique about your recharge and how does YOUR recharge
medium different from the third party recharge companies available.?
CELLBIZ mission is committing
convenience , right from the
beginning we had been extra careful
in satisfying our retailers , we have the
facility of call back from our corporate
The retailer once enrolled has to fill a
form with complete details and send a
sms to us registering the mobile
number and by paying a non refundable
fee of 2500/ , and the retailer once
registered can start using our services ,
for doing the recharge the retailer has to
pay the load amount and it depends on
the retailer as per the sale
Transaction, the load is collected in form
by the appointed distributor.
We are adding new services which
include Bill payment of the operators
and we also have planning to make our
insurance services available , and we
are also making available the financial
We are also planning to integrate with
us host of other
Services in coming months .
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