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HEAnet Cloud Compute Update
1. HEAnet Cloud – a Multilayered Strategy
2. HEAnet Cloud Project
3. Cloud Realities
4. Role of the NREN – Why Cloud ?
5. NREN Collaboration
Cloud - A Multilayered Strategy
License Negotiation (Software & Content) - Procurement/Frameworks - Legal T&Cs, –
Tailored Public SaaS/IaaS - Federated Access - Peering
Application Services
e.g. VLEs,
Network Futures,
HEAnet Cloud Profile
• IaaS – community cloud i.e. utility service = VMs on demand
• Platform is Red Hat OSP5 (Openstack)
• Federated User Self-service Portal – intended for IT staff
• End Product – a VM to meet client requirements
• Connectivity to campus & internet options
• Multicloud solution
• No cost / low risk during POC period, after that – a service ?
HEAnet Service Dimensioning - No. of Compute Nodes
Client flavours
Micro - 1 vCPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB storage
Small - 2 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB storage (Linux Server)
Medium - 4 vCPU, 6GB RAM, 160GB storage (Window Server)
Large - 8 vCPU, 16GB RAM, 320GB storage
xLarge - 12 vCPU, 24GB RAM, 1.2TB storage
Total VMs
HEAnet Cloud Project - Vision
HEAnet Client
API access
Layer 2
Multicloud Portal
HEAnet Client
Virtual Private Cloud
HEAnet Cloud Project - Objectives
• Provide clients with assistance in working out how they can take
advantage of cloud services
• Prove the viability of a Cloud service – a Proof of Concept
– Provide Virtual Machines in HEAnet cloud and see if/what usecases
work for clients
– Provide a single interface to give clients the ability to provide and
manage cost/access to public cloud services for their users
• Identify and prove a shortlist of relevant usecases for HEAnet clients
• Evaluate Cloud potential for HEAnet – service platform / future network
• Quantify client needs & forecast demand for future service i.e. Biz case
• Identify skillsets and support effort required to provide an cloud service
Project Status Update
To Date
• Feasibility Study, RFT
• Design Workshops
• Server installation
• Network configuration
• Core OpenStack installation & configuration
• Edugate & Edustorage integration
• Acceptance testing
• Customer communication
• Identify usecases
• Onboarding for POC and support clients & training
• Business Case
Cloud Realities
• Much of the potential of cloud is in the early phases
• Private cloud/community cloud is not easy or off the shelf
Cloud Realities
• Lots of vendors talk the talk, few can walk the walk – RFT
• Vendors and clients are learning but understand the benefits
• Cloud is mainstream and here to stay but it will take time
• Traditional applications may not be cloud compatible
• Clients are breaking the traditional attachment to
infrastructure ownership and service delivery
• Clients want services - EaaS
• One cloud does not fit all – Multicloud future
Role of the NREN – Why Cloud
• Why would NRENs consider delivering their own cloud
services – what are the benefits ?
• The Network
– High speed, low latency, resilient connectivity to clients
• Complimentary to existing services & a trusted provider
• Understanding of the Education and Research sector
• Trusted for data protection
• Federation
• Not motivated by profit
• Simpler / transparent cost model
• No network charges
NREN Collaboration GEANT SA7
• Collaboration on Brokering & Building services
• 2014 Survey of NRENs and Cloud – an key part of the future for most
• Individual NRENs cannot compete with commercial providers
• Active collaboration in GEANT GN3plus SA7 – Supporting NRENs in cloud
• Finalising a guide for NRENs on Cloud Strategy – Task Group 1
• Situation different in every country – services, funding, client base,
Invitation to TF-MSP
• Possibility to engage in the process to review the Cloud Strategy Guide
(preferably with one NREN not in SA7) – looking for one NREN
Contact [email protected] for more info

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