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What we offer
• We make innovational and valuable product: interactive
games, tours, trainings and business simulations
• We invented this concept and remain the leaders in this
• Dozens of MICE, DMC and event companies resell us
• We are ready to share profits and knowledge.
Why you need it
• New service for your corporate clients
• Unique offering growing your competitiveness
and helping to win large tenders
• Your image of innovation leader
• Flexible pricing policy
Level 1: Integrate us into your offering
We provide
• Sales kit with scenarios for your popular locations
• Free interactive content and production
for promo events and fam trips for your customers
• Joint sales calls under your name
• Partner discount
Level 2: Do it on your own
Choose what you want to do yourselves
Scenario and
Event design
You can make your own
concepts and scenarios (we will
help with migration to our
platform )
...or can take ours, or request us
to create new ones according to
your customers’ needs
You can design routes and
schemes of groups cooperations
...or leave it to our experts
You can produce events using
your own production force, and
we will train your people
...our can request our
production gurus
You can use your own mobile
devices (Apple или Android)
Software license
...or rent ours.
is the only piece that remains on our side
Knowledge transfer
Platform structure
General training (8 hours, including 2 hours of field practice)
Recommended to everyone involved into sales, design and
Scenario and business
content integration
Content manager training (12-16 hours)
Event design
Architect training (16 hours).
Deep knowledge of MS Excel required
Event production
Production manager training (16-24 hours)
Our training program is free, you pay only for travel and accommodation of our
Your first events are supervised by our experts. We analyze it and make decision
on further trainings.
Engine of emotions

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