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This information should not be taken as an offer or solicitation to sell securities. The information is from sources that are
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Resources LLC and is not to be shared without permission.
Latent Resources LLC is a start-up
company in the energy industry
that is looking for financial
partners. Its management has 10
years of experience in the oilfield.
Crude oil production generates
oily waste in the form of a sludge.
Oil companies pay a fee to
dispose of this waste. Currently
this waste is buried in landfills
which potentially could pollute
the environment - and represents
a liability to the oil companies.
The picture shows the before and
after the oily waste is processed
through a thermal remediation
In addition to collecting a disposal fee from the oil companies, the company will
also charge a fee to the trucking companies for washing out their trailers after
hauling the oily waste. The third source of revenue will come from the sale of
crude oil recovered from the oily waste.
Washout Fee
Market Area
Latent Resources’ plan is to open up its first facility in the Central Basin Platform of the Permian Basin . Six
counties will be the market area. Each county has over 2,500 producing wells. Because of improved oil recovery
technologies for existing wells, plus the addition of new oil wells, analysts are projecting a continued rise in oil
production. With increased oil production comes an increase in oily waste.
Permian Basin
There are other oily waste disposal companies in the
Permian Basin, but none in the targeted area.
Latent Resources has a better disposal method
burns the hydrocarbons out of the oily sludge, thus
reducing the volume and the hazards of the waste.
Currently the volume of waste is increased as it is
buried in landfills.
Companies that operate in the targeted market area
will see a reduction in fuel cost and time, by using
Latent Resources instead of a disposal facility further
away. This reduction will save them money.
Latent Resources LLC is looking to raise a total of $2,740,000. The investor/s will own 68% of the LP.
$40,000 will purchase a 1% interest. The investor/s will receive all the profits until the investment is paid
Five Year Financial Projections
Pre Tax Revenue
*First year includes 4 month construction period.

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