A thing of beauty by tara daulatani

Cynthia “The moon goddess”
The Poet
John Keats
The poem
A thing of beauty is a joy
Its loveliness increases,it
will never
Pass into nothingness,but
will keep
A bower quiet for us, and
a sleep
Full of sweet dreams,and
health, and
a quiet breathing.
Q.1.What is the poet’s opinion about a thing
of beauty?
Q.2What do you understand by “Its loveliness
increases’it will never pass into nothingness”?
Q.3What do you mean by a bower?
Q.4.What does a bower give us?
Q.5.Find words in the above lines which
1) the quality of a thing that gives pleasure to
the senses (2) shady trees (3) emptiness
Q,6. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?
Lines Written in Early Spring
By William Wordsworth
I heard a thousand blended notes
 While in a grove I sat reclined
 In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts
 Bring sad thoughts to the mind
The birds around me hopped and played
 their thoughts I cannot measure
 But the least motion which they made
 aIt seemed a thrill of pleasure
Q.1 Rearrange the lines in proper order:Pass into nothingness; but will keep
Full of sweet dreams, and health and quiet breathing.
Its loveliness increases,it will never
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Home Work
 Write
a paragraph of about 150
 1) Conservation of trees
 2) Nature – The Best Healer
 3) Write two quotations on Beauty.
For simple sheep; and such are daffodils
With the green world they live in; and clear rills
That for themselves a cooling covert make
‘Gainst the hot season; the mid forest brake,
Rich with a sprinkling of fair
musk-rose blooms,
And such too is the grandeur
of the dooms
We have imagined for the
mighty dead ;
All lovely tales that we have
heard or read;
An endless fountain of
immortal drink
Pouring unto us from the
heaven’s brink.
Explain: ‘the grandeur of the dooms’
What is the source of the ‘endless fountain
of immortal drink’ ?
What is the effect of that immortal drink on
us ?
Find words which mean i)magnificence
ii)stories iii)that never dies iv)edge
Therefore on every morrow,are
we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the
Spite of despondence,of the
inhuman dearth
Of noble natures,of the gloomy
Of all the unhealthy and overdarkened ways
Made for our searching yes,in
spite of all,
A wreathe of flowers
Q.1What are we doing everyday?Why?
Q.2What are some of the unhealthy habits we possess?
Q.3.What do you understand by “spite”?
Q.4.What do you understand by “despondence"? What do
you understand by “spite of despondence”?
Q.5What do you understand by “dearth”?
Q.6.Give an example of noble nature?
Q.7.Mention some of the unhealthy habits ?
Q.8.What is the consequence of these habits?
Q.9.Name the figure of speech used in “Therefore -------are
we wreathing”.Explain
Q.10.What is the figure of speech used in the third line?
Q.4 Find words from the passage which mean:
(1)malice (2)unhappiness(3)(4)scarcity(5)possessing dignity
How is our sadness removed ?
Find words in these lines conveying same as
:1)shroud 2)sadness
How does nature help in raising our spirits ?
Some shape of beauty moves away the pall
From our dark sprits . Such the sun,the moon,
Trees old, and young, sprouting a shady boon
For simple sheep;
About the Poet
John Keats(1795-1821) Keats was a
British Romantic poet.He had a
power to sway & delight The
readers.The following is an excerpt
from his poem “Endymion:A poetic
Other poems of Keats are:Ode to
Spring, An ode to a Grecian Urn,e.t.c.

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