QDA Minder 4 and Word Stat 6

QDA Minder 4 and
Word Stat 6
Download QDA Miner with WordStat from
Open SetupQDW.EXE
Select English
Accept the license agreement
The download is a trial version that will only run for 30 days
Open QDA Miner
Open an existing project
Open Documents: My Provalis Research Project:
Samples: Seeking
Cases: The documents or files include in the project for analysis.
File types can include MS Word, WordPerfect RTF, PDF
documents, plain text files, HTML, graphic files (BMP, JPG, GIF,
PNG and WMF)
Variables: values associated with the active case
Click Content Analysis under the Analyze Tab
Select: AD_Text under variables
Check Gender and Agegroup under other variables
Wordstat will open. The default selection is dictionaries. Here you can add
categories to sort the results. Refine the category by adding with words or
Example click add: Categories. On the left add the Category Eyes
Click add: Words or phrases and select the Eyes category and
add the phrases
In the root category
add the phrase Hair
Click the frequencies tab to view the statistics for each category.
Try out the “sort by” drop down menu
Select multiple
rows and press
to the to create
a chart
The Crosstab tab allows for a breakdown of the categories via
variables. Try the four different plots/graphs styles.
The Keyword-In-Context tab allows for viewing the keywords in
relation to where they appear in each case.

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