Who is Juan Ponce de Leon 1

SS4H2 The student will describe European exploration in North America.
a. Describe the reasons for, obstacles to, and accomplishments of the Spanish,
French, and English explorations of John Cabot, Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Juan
Ponce de León, Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson, and Jacques Cartier.
b. Describe examples of cooperation and conflict between Europeans and Native
What was Ponce de Leon like
before he was a sailor?
He lived in Spain.
 He worked as a messenger for the royal
 He trained as a soldier and fought in
many battles.
For whom did Ponce de Leon
He sailed for the Spanish.
 Charles V (Charles the 5th) gave him
permission to discover and settle the
Island of Bimini, which is in the
Why did Ponce de Leon sail?
He was looking for gold, jewelry, and the
Fountain of Youth.
Why did he go searching for
In 1508, Ponce de Leon learned that
gold had been found on an island that
was nearby. He settled on this island.
The king of Spain made Ponce de Leon
governor of this land.
The Fountain of Youth
Ponce de Leon had heard stories about
this fountain that had the power to make
a person young again. The Native
Americans also said that there was a lot
of gold around the fountain. When the
king heard about this, he gave Ponce de
Leon ships and men to go searching for
this Fountain of Youth.
What obstacles did Ponce de
Leon face?
Weather- What type of storm happens in
this area?
 Natives- How do you think the Native
Americans who lived here reacted to
Ponce de Leon trying to take over?
What accomplishments did he
He discovered and settled San Juan.
 He explored and conquered Puerto Rico
and became its governor.
What failures did he have?
He never found the Fountain of Youth.
 He tried, but was unsuccessful, to settle
 He didn’t find the Island of Bimini.
What was Ponce de Leon’s relationship
like with the Native Americans?
When he settled Puerto Rico, he treated
the Native Americans that lived there
 While trying to conquer Florida, Ponce
de Leon was wounded with a poisonous
arrow and later died from his wounds.
Interesting facts about Ponce
de Leon
He sailed with Columbus on Columbus’s
2nd voyage. They went to Hispaniola.
 He was the first Spaniard to set foot in
the United States. He found and named
the territory which is present day Florida.
The name “Florida” means “covered in
flowers” in Spanish.
 He’s buried in the cathedral at San
Juan, Puerto Rico.
Let’s answer our essential
Juan Ponce
de Leon?
Conquistador : A conquistador is a man who
conquers. The term comes from Spanish - a
conquistador was a leader in the Spanish
conquest of Americas in the 16th century. (an
adventurer or conqueror)
 Expedition : An excursion, journey, or voyage
made for some specific purpose, as of
 Conquest : Conquest is the conquering of
someone or something.
 Voyage: A journey or expedition from one place
to another.

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