NHS Student Finance for full time undergraduates starting in

NHS Student Finance
for full time undergraduates starting in
September 2012
Student Services
What we will discuss
Bursary explained
Types of bursary
Support for BSc Degree level students
Basic bursary
Student loan
Additional grants
Additional support
Practice placement expenses
How to apply
• Funding for living costs
• Paid monthly
• None repayable
• Not subject to Income Tax or
National Insurance
• Eligibility criteria applies
Types of NHS bursary
• None income assessed grant
• Income assessed bursary
• Dependant students
• Independant students
Support for BSc Students
• None income assessed grant of £1,000
• Maximum income assessed bursary of £4,395
for a 45 week or more course
• Based on household income
• Number of weeks of course
• And where you live (with parents or not)
Support for BSc Students
Length of
academic year
Non-means tested Income assessed
Income assessed
Students living
away from home
Students living in
parental home
30 Weeks
Over 45 Weeks
The actual amount of bursary is
dependent on your household income
Student Loans
• Reduced rate student loan available
• Amount available depends on where you are
• Not means tested
• Repayable once graduated and earning more
than £21,000
• Interest on loan of 3% plus inflation
Student living elsewhere
Student living at home
Additional Grants
• Parents’ Learning Allowance
• Up to £1,303
• Dependants allowance
• Up to £2,640 for first child or adult dependant
• Up to £539 for additional dependant children
• Childcare Grant
• Up to 85% of the cost of registered childcare
• Maximum of £126.65 per week for one child or
£187.75 per week for two or more children
Additional Support
• Council Tax exemption
• Additional bursaries for Foyer residents or care
• Disabled Students Allowance
• Specialist equipment – up to £5,161 for course
• Non medical helper – up to £20,520 per year
• Other medical related expenses – up to £1,724
Practical Placement Expenses
You can claim costs within the UK for travel to and from
your placement site involving;
Public transport
Essential use of your own motor vehicle
Use of your own bicycle
Car parking, tolls and ferries
Claim costs must be in excess of your normal daily
travel costs from your term time residence to your
Repayment terms on loan
• Loans are repayable from the April after graduation
and earnings are above £21,000.
• From the April after you leave university if you are
earning below £21,000, interest will reduce to just the
rate of inflation
• Graduates earning between £21,000 and £41,000 will
be charged interest at the full rate of inflation plus
interest on a sliding scale up to 3 per cent.
• Graduates earning above £41,000, will be charged
interest at the full rate of inflation plus 3 per cent.
Repayment examples
How to apply
• Explore all funding you are eligible for
• Apply in plenty of time
• Application forms – NHS Grants Unit
• Forms can also be downloaded from
www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/students, or
telephone 0845 358 6655
• For Student loan apply at;
• Think about part time work
Student Services
0121 331 5588
We have dedicated staff who
can help you with:
[email protected]
Money Management
Debt Counselling
Alternative sources of
• Access to Learning Fund

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