Physics & Astronomy Summer Research Bursaries 2013

Physics & Astronomy Summer Research Bursaries 2013
The summer research placement scheme was launched in 2007 and has grown every year. In 2012 we
hosted 43 student research placements over the summer, funded through the School, the University’s
Research & Leadership Scholarship, the Nuffield Foundation, the Royal Astronomical Society, The
Wellcome Trust and EPSRC. Projects last eight weeks, paying around £180 per week and provide an
opportunity for our students (all 2nd years and MPhys 3rd years) to work on real research alongside the
School’s academics. Please check the website for information and updates. The link is:
2013 project titles list published on School website for the students
Project fair, where undergraduates can meet with academics to discuss the projects
DATE/ deadlines*
Friday 23rd November 2012
Wednesday 28th November 2012,
Staff Common Room
Deadline for students to submit online application through the School website to work on a
Internal sifting process and successful candidates will be asked to apply for an externally
funded research bursary. The supervisor and student will have to complete the external
application by date TBC.
Second round of awards, for placements funded by the School. These will be announced
Monday 7th January 2013
External funders will announce bursary winners to supervisors (who will inform the
In the event of the scheme being heavily subscribed, it may be necessary to place some
people on a reserve list pending the outcome of the external applications. Finalised
placements from this will then be announced after external funding is known.
Students and supervisors agree a start date for the 8 week placement (which can include
unpaid time off for holidays). Placements can start any time after the student has finished
their exams, but must be completed by the 20th September 2012 at the latest
TBC (expected May 2013)
TBC (expected deadline January
February 2013
TBC (expected May 2013)
School of Physics & Astronomy
Please note that to apply for external and/or internal funding, you must register your interest in a summer placement by applying to the
School of Physics & Astronomy’s Summer Research Placement Bursary scheme. The School will then centrally coordinate applications for
external bursaries such as the Nuffield Foundation.
School Summer Placements
The School of Physics and Astronomy has Undergraduate Summer Research Placement bursaries available for 2 nd year BSc & MPhys students and
for 3rd year MPhys students for 2012. The School Summer Studentships are worth £180 per week and offer students an opportunity to take part in a
defined research project in the summer vacation for 8 weeks. They are an excellent addition to student’s CVs and offer real experience in the research
Finalised placement awards will be announced in May 2013.
Deadline 7th January 2013
Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursaries
The Nuffield Foundation is a charitable trust established in 1943 by William Morris, Lord Nuffield, the founder of Morris Motors. The Foundation works
to improve social well-being by funding research and innovation in education and social policy. It is underpinned by a belief in the importance of
independent and rigorous research evidence and its power to bring about change.
In 2012 bursaries of £180 per week were awarded to help students make the most of their experience, gain an insight into scientific research as a
career, and give their CV a distinctive edge.
The Nuffield Foundation had 786 applications in 2011 and funded 450. Supervisors are invited to apply on behalf of a named student. Early career
researchers/ lecturers are encouraged to apply.
In December 2011, Nuffield announced a major change to the Undergraduate Research Bursary scheme:
“The Trustees have decided to support the progressive transfer of the Undergraduate scheme to a range of partners. This will allow us to focus our own support
on initiatives where the Foundation is playing a distinctive role, in particular the schools scheme [...] Accordingly, for 2012 and 2013, we are partnering with a
range of other organisations to give the transition arrangements a strong start. We are in discussion with a number of learned societies and expect to be able to
announce the new arrangements early in 2012. An important consequence is that the application process will be different from the past in that each subject area
will be dealt with by a different organisation. Details will be announced in due course.”
Details outlining the 2013 application process are to be updated on the Nuffield Website in November 2013.
Deadline TBC
Royal Astronomical Society
The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS), founded in 1820, encourages and promotes the study of astronomy, solar-system science, geophysics and
closely related branches of science. Amongst other activities, it supports education through grants and outreach activities and promotes the study of its
At any time, but particularly for the February R&G round each year, applications are particularly encouraged for undergraduate research bursaries
(normally from, or on behalf of, potential supervisors). Such bursaries would provide support to enable motivated undergraduates who are considering
research as a career to work in a research environment for part of the summer before their 3rd or 4th year. The Society will fund at most one bursary
per supervisor per year.
The Society will pay levels of support for bursaries that are based on Nuffield Foundation (whose generous support is acknowledged) rates. Specific
research expenses up to £250 will be considered, but general expenses (e.g., for consumables or travel) will not. The RAS does not pay overheads,
and bursaries produce no National Insurance contribution liability. Undergraduate research bursaries for research into meteoritics, are separately
funded by the Paneth Trust.
Deadline 15th February 2013
EPSRC Undergraduate Vacation Bursary
The vacation bursary programme should provide funding for undergraduate students to gain first hand positive and practical experience
of research in a UK university. The emphasis will be on employing the most able students, but our expectation is that universities will use
the funds available to engage students in research that:
•Is being carried out by internationally leading groups
•Has strong industrial links.
In all cases, the programme should be accessible to underrepresented groups, such as women and ethnic minorities .
From 2011 onwards, there will no longer be a separate scheme for funding vacation bursaries. We are incorporating funding for our vacation
bursaries into the Doctoral Training Grant (DTG) in future. Institutions may choose to use their 2011 DTG to provide funding for vacation
bursaries to undergraduate students. Up to 15 vacation bursaries per annum may be funded by each university.
EPSRC does not invite individual applications for vacation bursaries, if you have questions about the vacation bursary scheme please contact
universities directly. The awarding university is responsible for administering all aspects of the award including selection of a suitable
undergraduate student.
Deadline January 2013
Wellcome Trust
The Wellcome Trust are a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. They support
biomedical research and the medical humanities. Their breadth of support includes public engagement, education and the application of research to
improve health. Applications must fall into one of five areas of biomedical research: Molecules, Genes and Cells/ Neuroscience and Mental Health/
Physiological Sciences/ Immunology and Infectious Disease/ Populations and Public Health. Details of the 2013 scheme have yet to be confirmed.
Applications must be submitted by the project supervisor (in hard copy), on behalf of the student. The Trust bursaries pays £180 per week.
Details of next year’s competition will be announced in Autumn 2012.
Deadline TBC
University of Leeds Research and Leadership Scholarships
The Research and Leadership Scholarships have been made possible through donations from former students of the University. The
purpose of these scholarships is to enable students to undertake two summer placements; the first at the end of year 2 and the second
between years 3 and 4. These placements are research internships enabling students to participate in cutting edge research and benefit from
mentoring by a leading researcher in their field. In addition students will be provided with training in leadership skills. Students will also have
the opportunity to put their learning into practice and help to inspire others through outreach/schools liaison/open day activities as
ambassadors for their School and the MaPS Faculty.
Students will receive a two year scholarship totalling £6,000 during the course of their programme: £2,000 during each of their two summer
research placements (8 weeks each), and £1,000 during their third and fourth years of study. Details of how many scholarships are available
will be announced early on in 2013. Please check the School website for further information:
Deadline TBC
Viv Kendon’s Royal Society Fellowship
In Summer 2012 Viv Kendon generously funded 2 Students to undertake projects using her own Royal Society Fellowship .This support
will not continue in to 2013 as the funding is no longer available through her own fellowship but could be made possible if anyone else
in the School has funding they would like to use to support a student or students in their 2013 Summer Research Placement.

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