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Vidya Setlur
 Principal Research Scientist at
Nokia since 2005.
 Graduated from Northwestern
University with a Ph.D. in
computer graphics.
 Research interests – visual
interfaces, semantic graphics and
 Hobbies – classical Indian
dance, cooking, gardening and
interior design
 Happily married with two
young boys
Choose your priorities
• At any given moment, you may not find
the optimal balance and that’s ok.
• Create a to-do list with roughly equal
number of professional and personal
• Reward yourself for goals met
• Exercise and de-stress
• Try to make the best of the situation
• Watch Randy Pausch’s Time
Management Lecture on YouTube
Daphne Koller – work
• Grew up in Israel
• BSc and MSc at Hebrew University,
PhD at Stanford, Postdoc at Berkeley
• Assistant, Associate, Full Professor at
Stanford University
• Research in machine learning, vision,
probabilistic models, bioinformatics
Daphne Koller – Life
• Husband of 20 years: engineer,
entrepeneur, VC
• Daughters, 6 & 8
Daphne’s tips from the trenches
• Choose a supportive partner
• Spend time with your kids: you won’t have
many years to do that
• Take time for things that are important to
you (vacations, exercise, reading)
• Delegate, at work and at home: It’s OK to
get (and pay for) help!
• Fight perfectionism
• Reduce wasted time
• David Allen’s “Getting things done”
• Just say no
Fatma Mili – who am I?
• 25 years in Academia, most of it OU
(Michigan), Professor, Associate Dean,
• Formal Methods in Computing, Distributed
Computing, Gaming in Education
• Broadening participation in computing an
important component of everything I do
• Husband of 26 years, 20-year old daughter
and 17-year old son.
• Grew up in Tunisia; studied in Tunisia and
Fatma’s tips from the trenches
• Do what you enjoy; enjoy what you
• No matter how busy, reserve some
time to take care of yourself and
enjoy some selfish activity.
• Nurture and diversify your
relationships at work.
• You often have much more impact on
others than you think.
Susanne Hambrusch
Grew up in Vienna, Austria
Dipl. Ing. from Technical University of Vienna
Ph.D. from Penn State (all degrees in CS)
Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor at
Purdue University
• Research in algorithms, parallel and
distributed computing, query processing,
computer science education
• Department Head 2002-2007
• currently on leave at NSF (CCF’s Division
Susanne …
• Married to a computer scientist (professor
in the same department)
• Two children (now 18 and 23)
Choose what to spend your time on
• Build your career and enjoy what you are
• Learn to say no (“Let me think if I have
time to this”) and to accept what matters
to you
– Departmental committee, NSF panel, referee
request, student emergency, helping out
Don’t be afraid to negotiate
Have your priority list and revise it
Document what you do
Let some things slide
Have a life
• Enjoy your family
• Have a backup system
– sick kids, snow days, elder care, etc
– unexpected work load
• Hire people to do tasks you don’t enjoy
– Housework, yard work
• Make time for friends, time for yourself
• Take care of your health
• Ask for help
Robin Jeffries – who am I?
• HCI researcher/practitioner
• Academic research (CMU), industry
research (HP), practice (Sun, Google)
• Grew up on a farm in Iowa
• PhD, married to a PhD in physics (for
40+ years)
• Two grown sons
What child rearing looks like
from the other side
Robin’s tips from the trenches
• Take charge of your career – no one else will.
• 2-body problems (whose job do we pursue?)
will work out in ways you don’t expect.
• What seems like a big problem today may
resolve itself – wait before acting.
• Make some family things sacred (for us it was
dinner together).
• Children are “only” 20ish years of your life.
Your partner and your work are part of you

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