WCPS Advanced Programs Overview

WCPS Advanced
Programs Overview
K-12 Academy, Specialized, Signature, and Magnet
Programs Open House Event
Jessica Reinhard
Supervisor of K-12 Advanced Programs
Background: Maryland Annotated Code
for Gifted and Talented Education
“Gifted and talented
student" means an
elementary or
secondary student who
is identified by
professionally qualified
individuals as:
Background: Maryland Annotated Code
for Gifted and Talented Education
1. Having outstanding talent and
performing, or showing the potential for
performing, at remarkably high levels
of accomplishment when compared
with other students of a similar age,
experience, or environment;
“However gifted an individual is at the
outset, if his or her talents cannot be
developed because of his or her social
condition, because of the surrounding
circumstances, these talents will be stillborn.”
Simone de Beauvoir
Background: Maryland Annotated Code
for Gifted and Talented Education
2. Exhibiting high performance
capability in intellectual, creative,
or artistic areas;
Background: Maryland Annotated Code
for Gifted and Talented Education
3. Possessing an unusual leadership
Background: Maryland Annotated Code
for Gifted and Talented Education
4. Excelling in specific academic
Maryland Annotated Code, cont.
The General Assembly finds that:
1. A gifted and talented student needs
different services beyond those
normally provided by the regular
school program in order to develop the
student's potential.
Maryland Annotated Code, cont.
The General Assembly finds that:
Gifted and talented students are to be
found in youth from all cultural groups,
across all economic strata, and in all
areas of human endeavor.
(Section 8: 201-202)
“The essence of our effort to see that
every child has a chance must be to
assure each an equal opportunity, not to
become equal, but to become different —
to realize whatever unique potential of
body, mind, and spirit he or she
John Fischer
Continuum of Services
Maryland offers a continuum of services in
gifted education; some serving all students,
and some considerably fewer.
As program intensity increases, the number of
students participating decreases.
Continuum of Services
Nurture critical and creative thinking and
problem solving in all students (all or most).
Discussion Protocols
Higher Order Questioning
Inquiry-Based Learning
Student-Centered Mathematics
Continuum of Services
Provide additional challenge and enrichment
as needed (many).
Enrichment, Merit, Honors, A.P.
Elementary Signature Language Program (Spanish)
Bester, Boonsboro, Greenbrier, Old Forge, Paramount,
Pleasant Valley, Potomac Heights, Sharpsburg, and
Challenges and Contests
Academic Teams, Destination Imagination,
Geography Bee, Math 24, National History Day,
Stock Market Game, etc.
Continuum of Services
3. Identify and develop demonstrated talent
areas (some).
 Academy and CTE Programs
 Barbara Ingram School for the Arts
 Magnet Programs
Continuum of Services
Expand expectations for high achievers
Acceleration (full grade)
Johns Hopkins University’s Center for
Talented Youth participation
Advanced, Specialized, and Magnet Programs
Enrichment Program
Magnet Programs
Signature Lang. Prog.
Middle School
Merit Classes
Magnet Programs
Signature PLTW
High School
AP Courses
Emergent Scholars:
IB Programme
“Believing in people before they have proved
themselves is the key to motivating people to
reach their potential.”
John C. Maxwell
Identification and Service Delivery
Highly Gifted Learner:
High IQ/non-verbal ability measure.
Three-Ring Definition of Giftedness:
Above-average ability + task commitment +
WCPS Enrichment/Merit/Honors
and Magnet Programs
What’s alike?
What’s different?
 Acceleration of
 Ability measures are used during
the application process for
elementary and middle school
students. Student interviews and
tasks are utilized.
Co-curricular enrichment activities
and projects (all students in
Interdisciplinary focus and
integration of school-wide theme.
Regular acceleration and
curriculum compacting.
Specialized magnet courses are
designed to challenge the most
highly able/highly-gifted students.
 Teacher recruitment, selection,
and professional development.
content/curriculum compacting
High academic expectations
Maryland Assessments and 
State Curriculum
Opportunities for enrichment 
Participants fit the “three-ring”
WCPS curriculum and
benchmark assessments.
Elementary School Programs
 Co-curricular Activities
 Elementary Enrichment
Placements made based on student data and
teacher recommendations.
 Elementary Magnet Programs
Competitive Application Process
 Signature Language Programs
“There are admirable potentialities in every
human being. Believe in your strength and
your youth. Learn to repeat endlessly to
yourself, 'It all depends on me.'”
André Gide
Elementary Enrichment Program
 Enrichment Teacher Services:
Primary Talent Development (Grades K-2)
Math and Language Arts/Reading (Grades 3-5)
Service Delivery through
 Consultation
 Co-Teaching
 Pull-out
 Push-in (cluster and flexible groupings)
 Co-curricular/Extra Curricular Activities:
Chess Clubs
Destination Imagination
Geography Bee
Math 24 Game
Stock Market Game
Elementary Signature Programs
Foreign Language Programs:
 Bester
 Boonsboro Elementary
 Greenbrier Elementary
 Old Forge
 Paramount Elementary
 Pleasant Valley Elementary
 Potomac Heights
 Sharpsburg Elementary
 Smithsburg Elementary
Elementary Magnet Programs
Grades 2 through 5
 Boonsboro Elementary
Magnet Program for World
Languages and Global
 Emma K. Doub Elementary
Magnet Program for Integrated
Arts and Technology
 Fountaindale Elementary
Magnet Program for the Arts
and Academic Excellence
 Williamsport Elementary
Magnet Program for
Engineering, and Math
“The greatest waste in all the world is
living below our potential.”
Harold B. Lee
Middle School Programs
Merit Classes:
English, math, science, and social studies
Placements made based on student data and
parent/teacher recommendations
Middle School Magnet Programs
Competitive application process
Co-curricular/Extra Curricular Activities:
Destination Imagination
Geography Bee
Math 24 Game
National History Day
Student-led Conferences
Middle School Magnet Programs
Grades 6, 7, and 8
 Boonsboro Middle School
Magnet Program for World
Languages and Global
 E. Russell Hicks Middle School
Magnet Program for Media
Technology, the Humanities,
and Communication
 Springfield Middle School
Magnet Program for Science,
Technology, Engineering, and
Math (S.T.E.M.)
High School Choices
 Academies and CTE Programs
 ALL Schools: Advanced Placement
and Honors Courses
 Barbara Ingram School for the Arts
 North Hagerstown High School
 AVID- Advancement Via Individual
 International Baccalaureate
Programme (2006)
 South Hagerstown High School
Academic Leadership Academy
 Washington County Technical High
 Williamsport High School
 S.T.E.M.
“When we treat man as he is, we make him
worse than he is; when we treat him as if he
already were what he potentially could be, we
make him what he should be.”
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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