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Qualified Water Efficient
Candace Schaible
USU Extension/CICWCD
What is QWEL?
Water management training series for landscapers,
water managers, municipalities, etc.
Completing the training earns one the title of
certified Irrigation Auditor in the eyes of the
QWEL Board, the Utah Nursery & Landscape
Association (UNLA) and the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA).
Developed in cooperation with the California
Landscape Contractors Association, Sonoma
County Water Agency, City of Santa Rosa,
Marin Municipal Water District and the
colleges of Santa Rosa and Marin.
QWEL is the second approved US EPA
WaterSense Irrigation Auditor certification
Where is QWEL Offered?
Purple: Current States Offering QWEL
Orange: Interested States
Mission Statement
The Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper
training presents an affordable proactive local
approach to reducing landscape water
demand. QWEL provides graduates with
knowledge in water efficient and sustainable
landscape practices including water
management and preservation of other
valuable resources.
Course description
QWEL provides approximately 20 hours of
education focused on water efficient
Training covers irrigation systems and efficient
irrigation, soils and plants, water management
and budgeting, irrigation controllers and new,
'smart' technology, and much more.
Course Description
Class 1: Where Your Water Comes From
Class 2: Irrigation Systems
Class 3: Efficient Irrigation Basics
Class 4: Soils
Class 5: Plants
Class 6: Water Management
Class 7: Determining Water Budgets
Class 8: Irrigation Scheduling
Class 9: Irrigation Controllers
Class 10: Valve, Controller & Field Wire Troubleshooting
Class 11: New Technology
Class 12: Putting It All Together
Role in the Industry
Irrigation Auditor certification program
"The class definitely expanded my crew’s
awareness of the importance of doing
irrigation properly, and I feel confident that our
installations will be even better now. It
provides a reference point for the crew, also,
and they have fun reviewing the class material
on the job," writes a landscape company
owner on her class evaluation.
EPA Partnership
Passing the course also makes one eligible to
become an EPA WaterSense Partner. This is a
way for irrigation professionals and others to
differentiate themselves and/or their products
as meeting a high standard in water efficiency
and performance.
QWEL in Utah
QWEL in Utah
Utah State University Extension (USU), The
Utah Nursery and Landscape Association
(UNLA), The Utah Division of Water Resources
(UDWR), Iron County Water Conservancy
District (ICWCD) and Jordan Valley Water
Conservancy District (JVWCD) partnered
together to bring the QWEL program to Utah.
There are currently 55 Utah Graduates
Thank you Cynthia Bee! She’s done an amazing
job bringing everyone together, and
developing the Northern Region’s program.
Offering a QWEL Training
Candace Schaible
[email protected]

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