Why do bees and flowers love each other

Why do bees and
flowers love each
Helen Allen
Flowers and Insects are partners; they need each other.
Flowers jostle for the bee’s attention, using just about every
colour of the rainbow.
Flowers have many colours from purple through to red to
attract bees.
Bees love the colours.
There are yellow flowers.
Orange flowers.
Red flowers.
Flowers dress themselves up to look pretty for the bees.
Flowers also use perfume to attract bees. That is why
flowers smell so lovely.
Flowers need bees to carry pollen from one flower to
The flower rewards the bee with some very sweet nectar.
Bees have carry bags near their back legs. They fill these
bags up with pollen to take home to feed the family.
Flowers provide bees with food for their families. The bees
take the nectar back to the hive and they store it to feed all
the family.
The flowers gain because bees carry pollen from one flower
to another and pollinate it.
Seeds grow in the pollinated flower and new plants will grow
from these seeds.
How many different coloured flowers can you find when you
come to ErinEarth?
See if you can smell the perfume.
The End
An ErinEarth
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Text: Helen Allen
Photographs: ErinEarth Volunteers
Background: Sophie Cooper
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