The Newell School District Spelling Bee

The spelling bee is for anyone grades 1-8.
You compete against your own class and then
you participate against the top 10 spellers in the
The spelling bee is a productive activity that
encourages students to learn to properly spell
words, compete, and learn to speak in front of an
The spelling bee changes its date every year
but the written pre-test is on the last Tuesday
in January, and the oral part of the spelling
bee is on the last Thursday in January.
The Newell Spelling Bee takes place at
the Newell School District. The written
pre-test is taken in the classroom, and
the oral part is in any empty room in the
elementary and middle school.
The spelling bee is a personal opinion.
For some kids it is just a practice, for
others it is an intense competition. The
main purpose is to encourage kids to
learn to spell and compete.
How to Compete
To compete in the spelling bee, each student must take
spelling pre-test in their classroom.
After taking the test, it will be graded and the top 10
students will make it to a placing round.
In this round the top 3 (or 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) will be
Rules for the Oral spelling bee
The rules for the local oral spelling bee are: The student
goes before 3 judges, and the student continues spelling
until they miss a word. They go on until the judges have a
first, second, and third place winner for each class.
Why should you compete?
You should compete in the spelling bee
because it’s an educational,
competitive, competition in which a
student learns to spell and to have fun
competing against each other.
Local, Districts, and State spelling bee
 After the local spelling bee our K-12 principle/superintendent,
chooses the first place winners from 7th and 8th grade, and the first
and second place winners from 8th grade move on to districts
which is usually in Rapid City. The winners from districts go on to
state, which changes cities from year to year. Whoever wins State
will go on to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which is held in
Washington DC. The only people that can move on past the local
level, are the students in Middle School.
National spelling bee and Newell
 For several years Newell has been enrolled in the Scripps National
Spelling bee, this is where Newell get there words for the local
spelling bee so we no longer have to make up our own.
 The winners from state get to move on to the Scripps National
Spelling bee
 In 2011 Ryder H. Went to the Scripps Spelling Bee.
Impact on students lives
This is an educational learning experience for young lives
in the school district.
They learn to not be afraid of public speaking.
As a local teacher said “In my opinion, it gives them a
sense of self-worth pride. It is also something to continually
work towards. The National spelling bee would be a great
goal for a student”
How it opens doors
If you win at any level, this looks great on a college.
It gives students more confidence in public speaking and
It is a great friendly competition in which you can find out
your true spelling skills!
How it impacts the community
 The judges for the spelling bee are members of the community.
 They love working with the students and often agree to come back
next year.
 Students take great pride in there spelling accomplishments and
this pride translates into pride in there school in there
Everyone in the placing rounds get a pencil.
The top three get a first, second, and third place ribbon.
Sometimes the spelling committee will give them books,
pizza certificates, or something else. At the National level
there are cash awards, trophies, encyclopedia software,
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