Example History Of Fashion

Fashion in the 1920s
By: Amanda LaFayette, Madison
Chandler and Rihana Wilson
Historical Events in the 1920’s
• This time was also called the Roaring 20’s because it was a big cultural,
industrial, and political growth.
• 1920
-The 19th amendment was put into place, that women were given the
permission to vote.
• 1921
-September 7-8, 1921 The first Miss America pageant took place in Atlantic
City, New Jersey
• 1925
- Nellie Tayloe Ross is inaugurated as the first woman governor of the United
Amanda LaFayette
Historical Events from the 1920’s
• 1928
- Amelia Earhart took flight as the first women to fly over the Atlantic
• 1929
- The stock market crashed which led to the Great Depression.
• Men were viewed as a superior and they had mostly all important job.
• Women on the other hand were basically viewed only as homemakers.
• Someone who influenced fashion greatly was Coco Chanel.
Amanda LaFayette
Fabrics Used in the 1920’s
• Rayon (Faux Silk)
– This was used for dresses and also
stockings and undergarments.
Rayon was first introduced in 1910
• Wool
– This fabric was extremely common
in jackets. Also in the early 1920’s
swimsuits were made of wool.
Amanda LaFayette
Fabrics Used in the 1920’s
• Lace
– This was common to use as
an embellishment to
• Chiffon
– Sleeveless silk dresses
made with chiffon were
also very popular
Amanda LaFayette
Fashion Then…
• Fur
– Back then it was used as an
elegant wrap or on a
special occasion
• Velvet
– This fabric was used for
fancy dresses
• Painting Nails
– Surprisingly in the 1920’s is
when women started
painting their nails
• Oxford Heels
– In the 20’s these shoes were
casual but also elegant
Amanda LaFayette
Fashion Now
• Fur
– Now we might wear fur in a more
casual outfit.
• Velvet
– Now it is used for shoes and even
• Painting Nails
– Obviously women do that a
whole lot more nowadays.
• Oxford Heels
– They are more geared towards
that preppy or girly styled
Amanda LaFayette
Movies Then…
• There was a lot of silent films
• Black and white movies
• Popular Movies Then:
– Metropolis
– The Gold Rush
– The Wizard of Oz (first
Technicolor movie)
Amanda LaFayette
Movies Now
• Now we have sound movies
with HD screening and
• Popular movies now
– Finding Nemo
– Gladiator
– Lord of the Rings
– The Batman Series
Amanda LaFayette
Jean Patou
• Designed the “most costly
perfume in the world”
• Made the designer tie with
different silks usually used for
woman's clothing
• Two piece wool sweater and skirt
for women
• Sport suits for women
(Tirocchi Sisters, 2003) Maddy
Coco Chanel
• Known for using fabrics usually reserved for men's
clothing in woman's clothing
• Embroidered clothing at collar, cuff and hemline
• Used big jewelry
• Introduced the flapper dress
• Produced Channel No. 5 which still sells today
• Shortened hemline to knee and calf length
(Boland, 2011) Maddy
Louise Brooks
Biggest rival of Coco Chanel
Actress in silent movies
Introduced the sleek bob
Long draped pearls
Wool hats
Sailor dresses
Kohl rimmed eyes
(Allante, 2012) Maddy
Jeanne Lanvin
• Pleated skirts
• Widened necklines
• Known for using lots of color, most
famous color Lanvin Blue
• Fur wraps and collars
("Lanvin," 2012) Maddy
• Flapper style headbands with
feathers and sequins
• Silk or fur wraps to match
evening dresses
• Long strands of crème, pink or
white pearls looped around the
neck several times
• Big jewel brooches to hold wraps
closed and look fantastic
("Blue velvet vintage ," 2012) Maddy
• Hats with jewels, feathers and
• Ruched satin gloves
• Beaded or jeweled cuff bracelets
• Colored Mary Janes and T-bar
heels that matched colorful
• Beaded handbags and purses to
match shoes
("Blue velvet vintage ," 2012) Maddy
What types of shoes were popular?
Strappy sandals and running shoes
High stilettos and flats
T-bar heels and Mary Janes
2) What kind of coats were most fashionable?
A) Trench Coats
B) Wraps
C) Pea Coats
3) What was the popular length of dresses in the 1920’s ?
A) Short Dresses
B) Mostly calf and knee length with other lengths in between
C) Thigh High
4) What did women in the 1920’s decorate their hats with?
1. What types of shoes were popular?
 C) T-bar heel and Mary Janes
2. What kind of coats were most fashionable?
 B) Wraps
3. What was the popular length of dresses in the
1920’s ?
 B) Mostly calf and knee length with other lengths in
4. What did women in the 1920’s decorate their hats
 Feathers, flowers and jewels
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