2/6 & 2/7 ~ Origins of the Cold War ~ Icebreaker

What were 2 theories on why the Cold War
US policy toward the spread of communism?
What did the Marshall Plan offer?
What did the Truman Doctrine offer?
Two military alliances formed after Cold War
were called?
International peacekeeping organization???
Theories – Ideology, Arms Race, Propaganda,
Russian Expansion, US Imperialism,
US Policy – Containment
Marshall Plan - $$$$$
Truman Doctrine – economic & military aid to
prevent the spread of communism
Military Alliances – NATO & Warsaw Pact
International Peacekeeping – United Nations
Distrust bet. Capitalist West & communist Soviet Union
When Germany invaded the SU in 1941 these differences
had been put aside against the common threat of Nazi
Tehran Conference ~ Stalin unhappy with delay of
opening second front in the west & disagreements over
post war features of Germany & Poland
Yalta & Potsdam Conference ~ differences depended
especially when Truman became president
Tensions over Germany ~ growing Soviet domination of
Eastern Europe ~ US drops atomic bombs on Japan and
refuses to share technology with USSR
Bolshevik Revolution Nov. 1917 ~ brought to
power the Bol. Party under the leadership of
Vladimir Lenin & Leon Trotsky = world’s first
workers state based on Marxist ideology
Great Contest ~ global conflict between two
rival social systems of capitalism & socialism
Short lived Communist Revolutions in
Germany & Hungary led Wilson, Clemenceau,
& George to isolate the Soviet Union
economically & diplomatically
Lenin & Trotsky openly called for revolution in
Consequently from 1918 to 1921 the new Soviet
state faced military intervention in the Russian
Civil War….armies from US, Britain, France, &
Japan gave supplies and assistance to the
opponents of the Bolsheviks
US & Wilson refused to recognize the new
communist gov’t led by the Bolshevik’s in SU
US economy flourished after WWI
Economic backwardness of Russia from tsarist
days, Civil War, foreign intervention combined
to weaken the SU
Treaty of Brest – Litovsk imposed by Germany
= loss of territory & resources
Failures of collectives in agriculture
Stalin’s rise to power in 1929 and desire to ensure
security of the SU by building ‘Socialism in One
Country’…Lenin called for ‘world revolution’
Great depression in the capitalist west meant
‘Great Contest’ was less important than economic
Threat of WWII and rise of Hitler in 1933
improved relations bet. the west and SU…US
finally recognizes the SU in 1933…1935 – 1938
Great Purge & Great Terror in SU strengthened
anti-Soviet attitudes in the US
Realpolitik ~ politics & foreign policy based on
realities or material needs rather than political
principles…Example – Rapallo Treaty & Nazi –
Soviet Non Aggression Pact
Riga Axioms – George Kennan a US diplomat
worked in the Division of Russian Affairs
(DRA) in the 1920’s…believed that the SU was
intent on world domination (Riga
Axioms)…after WWII his ‘Long Telegram’
formed the basis of USA’s policy Cold War
policy of containment
FDR believed the Nazi Germany to be more
expansionist that the SU
Believed that a weakened post-war SU could be
persuaded to drop the idea of communism in return for
security & economic reconstruction
Stalin saw the refusal of Britain & France to join an antiNazi alliance, appeasement @ Munich, as encouragement
for Nazi-Germany to attack the USSR
 The West saw the war against Finland and annexation of
Baltic states as evidence of Soviet Expansion
When the USSR was attacked by Germany in June
1941 & then US by Japan in December, the US and
Britain soon joined with the SU
Now saw Hitler as more serious threat
Outbreak of WWII seemed temporarily to end
US/West v. USSR rivalry
Soviet’s had restrictions for Allied service
personnel operating on Soviet territory
Stalin considered inadequate Allied aid, given
most Axis forces were fighting in the Eastern front
Stalin even feared at times allies would make
compromise with Hitler & launch a joint attack vs.
Quiz Results ~ Corrections due before you
leave for CREDIT – Stapled to quiz –
SEPARATE sheet of Paper
If you did well on the quiz ~ Enrichment
Activity (will be counted towards extra credit)
Answer the following TWO essay questions (does
not have to EXAM length)
 How did diplomacy at the end of WWII contribute to
the origins of the Cold War?
 Assess the part played by differing ideologies in the
origin of the Cold War.
15 Minutes to gather information and get ready
to present info to class
Presentation 3 – 5 minutes
All members MUST speak & participate
Must complete outline & turn in at end of
No QUESTIONS during presentation
Describe 2 Long Term Causes of the Cold War
(Bolshevik Revolution, Great Contest, George
Kennan & US Division of Russian Affairs, etc.)
Describe 3 Short Term Causes of the Cold War
(The Second Front, Tehran Conference,
Breakdown of the Grand Alliance, Poland,
Germany, Truman Impact, etc.)

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