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Immigration Enforcement
use of Body Worn Video
Supt Cleave Faulkner
National Operations and Assurance
September 2013
Why we are looking to use BWV
• To increase number of successful
illegal working Civil penalties and out of
court settlements in favour of the Home
• Reduce bureaucracy
• Obtain better evidence to prosecute
persistent offenders who continue to
employ illegal workers
Other benefits for I E
• Improve collating post critical incident data.
• Reduce clearly unfounded/malicious complaints.
• To capture evidence on contentious family visits
• Improve officer safety.
• Reassure the public.
• Verify training/development needs by reviewing
operational footage.
Plans for use of BWV
We plan to issue BWV devices to Immigration
Officers conducting enforcement visits.
Officers will record entry to premises and
interviews with those encountered.
Evidence captured of illegal working will be made
available to the team who pursue civil penalty
Officers currently make verbatim notes of interviews
With offenders and others encountered on the visit in
Their personal notebook.
They will no longer need to do this if the BWV
Contextualizes what was actually seen and said.
Officers will only need to produce a summary of the
Interview and just exhibit the video in their statement
We will pilot the use of BWV with two Immigration
Enforcement teams based in Manchester and Cardiff .
A draft process will be amended in light of the result and
findings of the pilot.
Findings to support a national roll out to all Immigration
Enforcement teams.
Business Benefits
To reduce by 50% the time taken to complete
illegal working interviews.
2012 saw over 14,500 operations
Increase the number of illegal working detections
Income generate to self sustain the deployment of
Body Worn Video
Training on the use of BWV will be delivered to officers
on group team basis with a full hands on approach
We envisage holding a 2 hour training session with
officers at the various Immigration Compliance
Engagement (ICE) team locations.
Convincing staff to revise current practice in
light of benefit and use of BWV - CULTURE
Dealing with noise contamination
Consistent national approach in evidence
Work completed so far
• Terms of reference and project mandate complete
and agreed by senior managers
• Policy and legal advice sought
• Workshops with operational staff, service providers
and stakeholders held
• Initial guidance and process drafted
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