Year 3 - William Hildyard Church of England Primary and Nursery

William Hildyard Church of England Primary
2014 - 2015
 New Curriculum
 broad and balanced curriculum that prepares young people for the
modern world
 Freedom for teachers to innovative
 Play times – Fruit no longer provided
 No playtime in the afternoon
 Developing independence and corporate responsibility
 Being responsible for their learning
 Looking after themselves and their belongings
 Looking after the school and the classroom
 What will the children learn in Year 3?
 7 areas of learning
 Creative – Music, Art, Drama, D&T
 Mathematical – Numeracy, Shape and Space, Data Handling
 Communication and Language – Literacy, Reading, Speaking
and Listening, MFL
 Human, Social and Environmental – History, Geography
 Science and Technology - Science, ICT
 Physical – Games, Dance, Gym, Swimming, Athletics
-------------------------------- R.E
•Term 1 - The Olympics
•Term 2 - Stone Age to Iron Age
•Term 3 - World War 2
•Term 4 - India
•Term 5/6 - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
Year 3 Timetable
 Reading to your child and listening to your child
read every night. (Make sure the reading book
comes in everyday)
Supporting your child with their homework
 Given out on a Thursday and returned
the following Tuesday.
PE kit needed on Wednesday and Friday.
Recorders on a Wednesday.
Swimming kit on Tuesday(terms 2, 4 & 6).
Allowing us to borrow your treasured
possessions for our themes. Maps,
pictures, artefacts, clothing etc
Parents Evening
Wednesday 8th October 3.30 pm until 5.30 pm
Wednesday 15th October 5.30 pm until 8.00 pm
Thursday 9th October from 8.30
Tuesday 7th October
 If there is a problem no matter how small please come
and see me.
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