Out of Box trading Ideas

By Navy Vijay Ramavat
Trading Ideas
Arbitrage Opportunity
View Based Scaling
Tomorrow’s Heroes
Idea 1
The Arbitrage Advantage
 Search for scrips which have difference in closing between NSE & BSE and are
locked at upper circuit.
 Very high probability of such scrips moving higher the next day.
 Opportunities to profit from Auction Market.
Idea 2
View Based Scaling
 Classic tool to mint profits on both intraday and positional
 Strategy /view on any stock set in the Algo Software to
take trade
 Trailing your price algorithms based on your Targets and
Stop Loss
Idea 3
Tomorrow’s Heroes
 Scrips which give momentum in the last 30 minutes of
 Opportunity to buy in closing session.
 Maintain buy till the scrip breaks previous day’s low.
Chart Based Algorithms
You think !
& it can be
done !!

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