Healthcare Course Offerings

Healthcare Course Offerings
• Entry Level Certificate Series
Medical Coding & Billing
Certified Nurse Aide
Health Unit Coordinator
Phlebotomy Technician
Long Term Care Activity Director
Pharmacy Technician
Electrocardiography (EKG)
Personal Fitness Trainer
Clinical Medical Assistant
Dental Assistant
Administrative Dental Staff
Optician Assistant (ABO)
Ophthalmic Assistant (COA)
Veterinary Assistant - NEW
Advanced Healthcare Certificates
• Health IT Certificate Series (for current Healthcare or IT
• Contact Lens Technician (for Optician Assistants)
• Pharmacy Compounding & Sterile Preparations (for
certified Pharmacy Technicians)
Nitrous Oxide Course (for certified Dental Assistants)
NEW Medication Aide (for Certified Nurse Aides)
Coding for Dental Professionals
Coding for Vision Professionals
Other Healthcare Courses
Entry Level Workforce Training
• Medical Front Office - Introduction to basic
administrative office skills. Topics covered will include
medical terminology, patient confidentiality, scheduling,
customer service, basic patient documentation, and basic
billing as well as other administrative duties required by
front office personnel.
• Health Career Success - Health Career Success will
prepare the students to enter the healthcare workforce. The
course will include components such as: resume building,
interview skills, appropriate attire, office politics, and
professional etiquette. REQUIRED for most externships.
Medical Coding Certificate Series
• Day, evening, online or weekend
classes available
• Medical Coding required courses
Medical Terminology
Basic Anatomy & Physiology
Introduction to Medical Coding &
Computers in the Medical Office
Medical Coding I
Healthcare Ethics and HIPAA
Medical Coding II
Medical Coding Certificate Series
Curriculum Schedule– allows students to complete the
coding certificate series in two semesters (days, evenings,
or online)
– 1st semester
• Medical Terminology
• Basic A&P
• Pathophysiology
• Introduction to Medical Coding & Billing
– 2nd semester
• Computers in the Medical Office
• Medical Coding I
• Medical Coding II
• Healthcare Ethics & HIPAA
Medical Coding Certificate Series
352 hours total
$2,538 total tuition
Books $80-$150 each
Taught by industry experts
Prepares students for entry level position
National certification through the AAPC
strongly recommended
Medical Coding
• Certifications for Medical
Coding can be obtained through
– AAPC (American Academy of
Professional Coders)
Medical Billing Certificate Series
• Coursework includes:
Medical Terminology
Healthcare Ethics & HIPAA Compliance
Medical Billing & Reimbursement
Computers in the Medical Office
Claims Cycle in the Central Billing Office
Electronic Health Records
Communication Skills for Healthcare
Medical Billing Certificate Series
– Evening, online, day and weekend
classes available
• Curriculum schedule designed to allow for completion
of entire series in just 4 months.
216 hours total
$1,558 total tuition
Books needed for most classes
NO national certification
Externship Opportunities for
Coding & Billing Students
• Limited competitive externships may
be available
– Range 80-200 hours
– Most are unpaid
– Resume, interview and selection process
in most cases
– Instructor recommendations are critical
– Health Career Success required before
attending externship
Nurse Aide, Health Unit Coordinator,
Phlebotomy and Activity Director –
Admission Process
• Application procedures
Mandatory Information Session
Completed application
Completed immunizations
Criminal background check
Drug screen
Basic Life Support (CPR) certification
Liability insurance
Nurse Aide Training
• 75-hour course
– 51 hours in classroom/lab setting at
Hospital Lab at the Courtyard Center
– 24 hours at an approved Long Term Care
facility (Saturdays, Sundays, and
– Students take nurse aide registry exam
upon successful completion of course to
become Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA)
– $1,699 tuition includes scrubs,
stethoscope, and state testing fee.
Health Unit Coordinator
• 128 Hours of Classroom Instruction
• 80 Hours of Clinical Experience in a hospital setting
with a preceptor (supervisor)
• $1,498 total tuition
• Health Career Success required before attending
Career Opportunities
Unit Clerk
Unit Coordinator
Unit Secretary
Unit Assistant
Ward Clerk
• 48 hours of classroom/lab work
• 100 hours of unpaid externship (Health
Career Success required before attending
• 100 successful blood draws required
for certification through the ASCP
(American Society of Clinical
• $600 total tuition
• Liability insurance through Collin
College required
Long Term Care
Activity Director
• Blended course
– online and onsite learning
– 90 hours of online instruction, 112 hours of
clinical practicum
– $1,198 total tuition
• National Certification Council for Activity
• Onsite learning is the required practicum to
be completed at an approved LTC facility
Dental Assisting/RDA
• Dental Assisting
– 70 hour course
– 2-nights per week or all day Friday class
options available
– $2,795 tuition
– Must have Hep B shot series completed
prior to direct patient care
– BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR)
– RDA and Nitrous Oxide state exams are
Dental Assisting/RDA
• Registered Dental Assistant
– 8 hour class plus state exam
– $199
– Approved by the Texas State Board of
Dental Examiners
– Must submit BLS Card along with test
– Required to work in the state of Texas
Nitrous Oxide for Dental
• State certification
Hygienists and Assistants
8 hour class plus exam
Approved by the Texas State
Board of Dental Examiners
– Optional Certification
Dental Assisting/RDA
• Administrative Dental Staff
• Learn the essential
administrative tasks for
managing the front office of a
dental practice
• Topics include:
Dental terminology
Insurance filing
Patient billing
Overview of Dentrix, dental
software program
• Optician (ABOC)
– Dispensing opticians make glasses using the
prescriptions ophthalmologists and
optometrists write for their patients.
– Opticians make recommendations to the
patient about which type of frames and lenses
would be best for them.
– 80 hour course
– 60 hours lecture/20 hours
– $1,995
Ophthalmic Assistant
• Ophthalmic Assistant (COA)
– Take medical histories, administer eye medications,
instruct patients in care and use of corrective lenses,
perform all the ophthalmologic tests necessary for
preliminary and highly specific eye exams, assist in
ophthalmic surgery, and maintain ophthalmic and
surgical instruments, as well as office equipment.
80 hour course
60 hours lecture/20 hours clinical
Instructor works with 3
employment agencies to help
ensure job placement for all
Veterinary Assistant
• Certified Veterinary Assistant Level 1 –
provided through the TVMA (TX Veterinary
Medical Association)
• 4 Courses in this Certificate – 618 contact
– Animal CPR – 3.5 hours, $39
– Orientation to Veterinary Medicine – 12 hours,
– Introduction to Veterinary Technology – 78
hours, $499
– Practicum – Veterinary Assistant (Health
Career Success is a prerequisite) – 500 hours,
• Classes meet on Tues/Thurs 6-9:30pm
beginning September 6.
Other Entry Level Certifications
• Pharmacy Technician Exam Preparation (for PTCB
– Math for Pharmacy Technicians – optional math course to take
as a refresher prior to Pharmacy Technician course
– Pharmacy Technician Externship – 120 hours of unpaid
externship. Health Career Success required before attending
externship. Must have either a current Trainee card or be a
Certified Pharmacy Technician to participate.
• Electrocardiography (EKG) Exam Preparation (for
ASPT EKG exam)
• Personal Fitness Trainer (National Certification through
– Basic Life Support (CPR) certification required for
Personal Fitness Trainers
Highly recommended for ALL Healthcare professionals.
Basic Life Support (CPR) certification
Health Career Success
Medical Terminology
Pharmacy Technician
Certification Preparation
• 50 hour course
– Preparation to take the national
certification exam administered by the
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
– $999 tuition includes books, lab materials
and study guides
– Prepares students to work in a retail
pharmacy setting
– National exam and certification
information can be obtained at
Electrocardiography (EKG)
Certification Training
• 50 hour course
– Preparation to take the National Certification
– Certification exam is proctored onsite after
course is completed
– Exam results take about 12 weeks
• Certified EKG Technician career
Monitor Technician
EKG Tech
Cardiac Tech
Entry level position
Personal Fitness Trainer
• FREE MANDATORY Information Session
• Classroom and practical coursework
– Eight Saturday sessions from 9am-2pm
– 9am-11pm, classroom, SCC-I112
– 12pm-2pm, practical @ LA Fitness
• Written and practical exams
– 9th Saturday, ½ written & ½ practical
• CPR & 30-hour internship required for
• For more information visit
Clinical Medical Assistant – NEW!
• 134 Hours of Classroom and Online Instruction
• 160 Hours of required Clinical Externship
– Fee $2,995 includes instruction, externship, consumable
supplies, and all textbooks.
• Fall 2012 cohort will meet on Saturdays from 9:00
am – 4:30 pm beginning on September 8, 2012.
– Immunization, Drug Test, Background check successfully
completed before clinical externship. Must have all 3
Hepatitis B vaccinations (this takes 6 months to complete, so
start now!)
• Certificate of completion awarded after successful
completion of the course and externship.
– Graduates qualify for optional certification offered by the
National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) and the
National Healthcare Association (NHA).
Advanced Healthcare Certificates
• Health IT Certificate Series
• Migration to Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Mandatory – Federal Mandate
• Health Informatics
– Combines healthcare, information technology and
business administration.
– Focuses on implementation and optimization of
the information systems that support a clinical
– Not an entry level certification. Individuals must
be experienced and working in Healthcare or IT
Advanced Healthcare Certificates
• Contact Lens Technician (NCLE)
– Development of contact lenses to correct
visual defects, types of contact lenses and
consumer selection
– Learn soft contact lens and rigid and gas
permeable trial and prescription fitting
– 50 hour course
– 30 hours lecture/20 hours
Advanced Healthcare Certifications
• Pharmacy Compounding and Sterile
• 50 hour course
– Offered every Spring
– Must be a Pharmacist or a Certified Pharmacy
Technician (CPhT)
– $999 tuition includes books, lab materials and
study guides
– Prepares students to work with sterile
compounding, IV admixtures and aseptic
– Prepares students to work in a hospital or
compounding pharmacy setting
– Approved by the Texas Pharmacy Association &
Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
Basic Life Support for
Healthcare Providers
• Offered every month
• Required for most healthcare
Health Unit Clerk
Nurse Aide Training
Personal Fitness Trainer
Medical Assistant
Continuing Education for Current
Healthcare Professionals
• Instructor led CEU courses available
– Medical Coding & Billing
– Licensed Professional Counselors
– CEUs for Dental Professionals
• Additional CEU online resources
Informational Websites
• For further information about
healthcare careers
Free Resources Available
• Resume and Interview Workshop
– Available at no cost, but you MUST
– Classes are Saturdays from 9am-noon
• Career Services
– Career Services offices located at SCC,
– Job postings on-site and online
– Resume posting online
– Career Assessments, helpful in deciding
on a major or career
Important Phone Numbers
• (Daneetra Kersee)
– 972-985-3752
• Registration
– 972-985-3711
• Bookstore
– 972-985-3710
• Continuing Education Offices
– 972-985-3750
Thank you!
• For more information, call Daneetra
Kersee at 972-985-3752
• To view our schedule of classes, visit
• You may register for classes in
person, online or over the phone at

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