Overview of Sports Management Proposal

Overview of Sports
Management Proposal
Jim Falter
March 15. 2010
Current Situation
 Students interested in the field
typically opt for a major in
management or marketing and
minor in sports management
(approx 20-25)
 Students lack experiential
component, depth in major, and
discipline-specific capstone.
Future of the Field
 Sports Business Occupations
(Business, Management and
Finance) are expected to increase
13.7% by 2018 (www.bls.gov)
 Diversified opportunities for
graduates. Growth in not-for-profit
positions (administrators,
coordinators, etc)
 Recently added as “target” major by
Admissions’ database for ongoing
growth (J. Turley, Nov. 2009)
Leveraging Existing Resources
 Faculty (B&E)
 Lead Faculty in Sports Management
(Debbie Lazorik)
 Institutional Relationships in Sports
and Recreation Industries
 Utilize Existing Curriculum
− One new course required
Improving Rigor
 Benchmark “top programs” and use
business as foundation for Sports
Management major
 Enhance business core to better
meet prerequisites associated with
graduate school (AASCB Accredited
− Accounting
− Economics
− Finance
− Operations Management
Experiential Learning
 Distinctive programs in Sports
Management require internships
 Create strong “experiential”
requirement through internships.
− 6 Hours
Discussion and Questions

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