Jimmy Johns - Montana State University Billings

Jimmy John’s
Gourmet Sandwiches
So Fast you’ll Freak!
Team Patriots
Marketing Plan by Roddy Hill & Tara Luckett
Our Mission
Jimmy John’s is growing fast and our team is always
looking for hard-working people who crave the
world’s greatest gourmet sandwiches. And we’re not
talking success as in “shiny new car” success-we’re
talking success as in “position of power in a
worldwide sandwich empire” success (Jimmy John's
Gourmet Sandwiches, 2010).
Vision for our Franchise
We aspire to be the best, and serve the greatest
gourmet sandwiches in Missoula, and serve the
minds of the future.
Internal Strengths
Fresh gourmet sandwiches
Online Ordering
Free WI-FI access
Large lounge area
Open and deliver until 3 am
Fast delivery time
Sandwiches starting at $4.50
Internal Weaknesses
Breakfast and coffee is not offered
Only one sandwich size is available
No healthy side dishes available only chips and
Can be expensive for college students
Additional charge for deliveries
• Deliver gourmet sandwiches and cater
• Within 2.2 miles from The University of
• Mobile app available for easy ordering
• Online ordering available
• Late hours of operation and delivery
• Offer coupons to the customers for discounts that
are geared towards low volume days
• Partner with the University to sell Jimmy John’s
sandwiches for lunches and dinner at the school
• Be a team sponsor for the Grizzly football team
to receive recognition
Potential Customers
• Total students enrolled at The University of
Montana is 15,669 in Fall of 2012
• Dormitory Capacity- 3,425 potential customers to
deliver to
• In 2011 summer enrollment at the University was
4,113 students
• Total staff during fall and spring semester was
2,100 with approximately 2,000 student
Potential Customers
• The total population of Missoula, MT in 2010 was
• 14.1% increase in population from 2000-2010
• As of September 2012 national unemployment
was 7.8% and Montana was 6.1%
• If the trend of increasing population continues and
the trend of lower than national average
unemployment rates continue then the potential of
adding additional stores is positive
Other fast food options may be cheaper and
faster with breakfast options
3 other competitors within 2 mile radius of the
University of Montana
Potential decline in business once school is out
during summer months by 30% (15,669 X
0.3= 4,700 students) Possible loss of 4,700
potential customers
High Employee turnover rate students going
home for summer or graduating
Other restaurants open late and deliver
Weather may prohibit deliveries and
accessibility to the restaurant
Competition-Pita Pit
Pita Pit also open late and delivers until 3am
Been established for 4 years
Within 2 miles from The University of Montana
Online ordering available
Breakfast available
Healthy side dishes available
Pita prices start at $5.99
Competition-Docs Sandwich Shop
Open until 4 pm daily, closed on Sundays
Been established for 18 years
Within 2 miles from The University of Montana
Gourmet sandwiches, soups, and salads
Sandwich prices start at $6.75 but will take off
$2.25 for half a sandwich
Competition- Campus Dining
•Located on The University of Montana campus
•Offers coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner
•Offers variety of food from grab and go to vegan meals
• The meal plans range from $1,740, $1,840 and $2,040. The
individual meal prices are as follows: $1,740-$5.74/meal, $1,840$7.69/meal, $2,040-$6.08/meal.
•Majority of campus dining halls and campus restaurants close by
7 pm
•Jus Chill’n is the only option on campus that is open until 12 am
only on Saturday and Sunday and offers only snacks and
Competition for the Market
There are 15,669 students that have 4 options for
sandwiches near the University of Montana
3,917.25/7 days= 559.60 Potential customers per week
3,917.25/365 days= 10.73
In the summer months there are 4,113 students enrolled at
the University of Montana
There are three other competitors for Jimmy John’s that
may take 75% of the market leaving Jimmy John’s with
After 4 pm everyday Docs Sandwich Shop closes which
eliminate 25% of the competition and is closed on Sundays
Competition for the Market
The University of Montana campus dining is closes at 7
pm which eliminates another 25% of the competition
Between 4 pm and 7 pm Jimmy John’s has an increase
in possible market by about 33% 100%/3=33.3%
( This market will also apply on Sundays when Doc
Sandwich shop is closed)
After 7 pm 50% of the competition is eliminated only
Jimmy John’s and Pita Pit are open and deliver until 3am
Demographic Dimensions
Staff at The University of Montana
• Fall 2002, full-time staff members totaled 1,145
• 5.4% of total staff in Fall 2002 were of color
• Fall 2002 total staff comprised of:
43.5% - Men
• Fall 2002, the faculty included:
491 full-time permanent instructional faculty
184 temporary or part-time instructional faculty
• 430 tenured/tenure-track faculty in Fall 2002, 32
(7.4%) were persons of color
• Of the 20 new faculty members hired for Fall 2002, 8
(40%) were women
Demographic Dimensions
Students attending University of Montana
• Fall 2002 student enrollment was 13,058
• The Fall 2002 enrollment included:
10,763 undergraduate students
1,392 graduate students
652 post-baccalaureate students
251 law students
18% of undergraduates are age 25 or older
22 years median age
53% women
47% men
74% Montana residents
23% non-residents
305 international students from 60 countries
Demographic Dimensions For
Missoula, MT
• Students upper and middle class average age 34
years old, professional and technical workers and
• Average Missoula household of 2.4 individual’s
whose average income is $42,399
• 39% of the Missoula population has earned a
Bachelor’s Degree and is predominantly
Geographic Dimensions
for Missoula, MT
• Jimmy John’s is located in the heart of downtown
• Jimmy John’s will deliver to Missoula and the
University of Montana
• Also located in downtown Missoula are the following:
-7 breweries in Downtown Missoula
-29 places for casual dining (including Jimmy
-6 places for fast food
• There are a total of 11,693 companies located in
What We Eat For Lunch In America
According to The Journal of the American Dietetic
Association, “the most popular foods consumed at
lunch for both adult men and women were
sandwiches, including hamburgers, followed by
salads, and meat dishes. The most popular
beverages were soft drinks, coffee, and juice.
Other popular foods were French fries, potato
chips, tortilla chips, and fruits” (Ahuja, 2005).
Behavioral Dimensions
• Functional needs are met by giving the customer a
healthy lunch and dinner alternative
• The benefits are time is money, we can deliver to you
• Customer relationships and satisfaction will encourage
future and existing customers
• We offer personalized selections and complete nutrition
• Sandwiches have been proven to be most popular
consumed food for lunch by men and women
Customer Needs
These needs will create business for Jimmy John’s
Social Needs
• Place to study and use Wi-Fi
• Meet with friends for lunch or
• Place to meet study groups
• Place to take a break from school
for lunch
Physiological Need
• Hunger and Thirst
Customer Needs
These needs will create business for Jimmy John’s
Economic Needs
• Affordable
• Convenient for fast but gourmet sandwich, delivers
which makes Jimmy John’s even more convenient
• Location is convenient for students and employees of
the University of Montana
Dependable hours of operation, dependable service
and delivery
Why buy Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches
• Jimmy John’s sponsors teams at the University of Montana and posters
may trigger a response to want to eat Jimmy John’s
• Pita pit and Jimmy John’s deliver late and may have 50/50 chance they
want to order food late for a dorm party
• Will be listed on yellow pages although no one looks a yellow pages we
will be on facebook, internet, and phone app available
• People can “like us” on facebook which will remind them of deals and
• Only 2 miles away from the University within a distance for students to
walk/drive and see the restaurant
The Means-End Chain Model
hunger and
“cool person”
Short term got
to spend time
with friends
Can be cool
and use iPad
with free WiFi
Short term
enjoyed a
healthy meal
Enjoy lunch or
restaurant with dinner in cost
friendly service effective
Can lounge
with friends
and fill social
Long term can
business for
Lounge area
with free Wi-Fi
can be
delivered to
our dorm
Long term can
help with
providing jobs
Can be
delivered when
in a time
The Product Life Cycle
Jimmy John’s is in the market maturity stage. They have been
established since 1983 and now have over 1200 restaurants. Subway
and Blimpies introduced the sub shop market to customers, both
established in mid 1960s. Competition has been tough to the point
where subway offers five dollar deals and buy one get one free
before 10am. Blimpies has eliminated many of their shops. Jimmy
John’s is not a normal sub shop they differentiate themselves by
creating gourmet sandwiches with fresh bread made everyday along
with fresh cut meat everyday and delivering.
Jimmy John’s
Brand Positioning
Jimmy John’s differentiates themselves from other competition
by not only creating sub sandwiches but fresh gourmet sandwiches.
Other sub shops do not deliver and Jimmy John’s not only delivers
but we deliver freaky fast! We are not just a sub shop but a place to
enjoy gourmet food with friends, study groups, co-workers in a
lounge area with free Wi-Fi available in the heart of downtown
Gourmet Sandwich
Dine In
Jimmy Johns
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delivery
Doc’s Sandwich Shop
Traditional Sandwich
Pita Pit
Getting Attention
• Consumers will be informed of us from the radio, signs in the
University of Montana since they are sponsors of their teams
and word of mouth
• With our funny radio ads about delivering freaky fast even
show up faster than the fire department to a burning house
may hold people’s interests
Arouse Desire
• Take samples of sandwiches to local businesses downtown
and to the University of Montana which can persuade
students, faculty and workers to eat at Jimmy John’s
• Since Jimmy John’s is a sponsor of the University of
Montana posters of delicious gourmet sandwiches will be
posted around the University of Montana and their stadium
• Have pictures of Jimmy John’s sandwiches pop up pictures
online and on facebook
Obtain Action
• Millions of people on facebook will see the Jimmy John’s
logo and will be reminded of Jimmy John’s. If they “like us”
will receive reminders of deals and coupons for Jimmy
John’s. This will encourage individuals to obtain action with
their facebook deals.
• Samples of sandwiches will also persuade individuals to
obtain action and eat Jimmy John’s
• Jimmy John’s is a one price policy and
will charge the same price for everyone
• Initially start out with status quo
objectives and follow Jimmy John’s
franchise prices and stabilize in the market
in Missoula
• Discounts will be given initially when
people “like us” on facebook
• More coupons will be given when
it is determined which days are
low volume to attract customers
• Convenient location in the heart of
Downtown Missoula
• Within walking distance
from the University of Montana
• Jimmy John’s deliver to the town of
• Direct channel system
• Web site base for customers
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