SEE Success in Hudson, Ohio - Consortium for Entrepreneurship

SEE Success in Hudson, Ohio
Entrepreneurship (by itself) is not enough
Preparing students for the challenges and
opportunities of the 21st Century
An illustrious entrepreneurial past
40+ years of decline
Today, USA’s Best Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
120 years ago, the entrepreneurial heart of
America (John D. Rockefeller, Charles Brush,
Harvey Firestone, Benjamin Goodrich & others)
Cleveland, once the fifth largest city in the USA
Once called “The Best Location in the Nation”
Recent generations seem to have forgotten the
entrepreneurial lessons of their ancestors
Largely ceased to innovate, instead waited for
jobs to come to them & most never came
Apparently forgot how our economy works &
creates jobs – ceased to act on their historic
entrepreneurial spirit
The key role of resource providers and innovation
facilitators like JumpStart, BioEnterprise & Nortech
The critical importance of idea creators like the
Cleveland Clinic, NASA & other research institutions
Let’s take a peek at
the challenge of
the future for
today’s students …
What they can expect to see in their future:
Driven by accelerating technological advancement, instant
communications, and the wants & needs of 7 billion people, every
product, service & aspect of life will be reinvented during their lifetimes.
Driven by the rapidly growing economies of China, India, Brazil & others,
the overall world economy will be vastly larger than it is today, creating
great opportunities for those who are prepared to take advantage of it.
Consequence for them and their generation:
 10 - 15 – 20 or more different jobs
Potentially 3 – 4 totally different careers
3 out of 4 will likely start their own company someday
You be the judge – does the education today’s students receive prepare
them for this future?
Commit themselves to be life-long learners
Learn to think & act entrepreneurially, i.e. to think
“outside the box” - to find solutions where there are
problems & needs, see challenges as opportunities
Understand how our entrepreneurial economic system
works so that they can be part of it in the future
Learn about the rest of the world. Understand the global
economy so that they can take advantage by the
opportunities presented by it.
21st Century Themes:
Financial, economic, business
& entrepreneurial literacy
Learning & innovation skills:
Creativity & innovation
Critical thinking & problem solving
Communication & collaboration
The Scholarship of Entrepreneurial
Engagement (SEE) Program
Planting the seeds of entrepreneurship in our
youth to help prepare them for the extraordinary
change they will face during their lifetimes
What is the Scholarship of Entrepreneurial
Engagement (SEE) Program all about?
The SEE Program endeavors to bring together (i.e.
engage) the high school, university, business, science &
philanthropic communities to help prepare today’s youth
for the lifetime of change they will face.
SEE strives to help create a “culture of entrepreneurship”
within the community that can be a catalyst for its future
economic growth and development.
Complete, flexible, turn-key program for integration
into existing business, econ & other classes
Offers teachers a deep-well of researched, up-to-date,
real world content that they can utilize to fit the
character & personality of their classes, including:
All student reading materials, supporting research and
business plan instructions & examples are available to
students on the Ashland University website
An extensive portfolio of student “engagement activities”,
PowerPoint presentations and teacher materials are
available on Ashland University’s Angel Learning systems
with hundreds of interactive links to websites, videos, etc.
Key points:
 We explain and provide
perspective on how our free
enterprise system works
We explains that the free
market is the cornerstone of
American prosperity
We explain that profits are
good & capital investment &
profits are the fuels that
make our economy run
Helps students get to know
the business community of
NE Ohio
Introducing the NE Ohio Business
Community to our students:
 We profile 80 of the largest
public, private & non-profit
We introduce students to the
100 recent startup companies
supported by BioEnterprise
We introduce students to the
50 recent startup companies
supported by JumpStart
 Lets take a look!
Key points we introduce to
 The critical importance of
 That entrepreneurship begins
with imagination
 That risk, reward, return &
responsibility go hand in
We introduce students to the real
world through optional
business plan competitions:
Through both local high schools
and regional competitions
Little known to students, we
 How our country compares
to the rest of the world
The challenge & opportunity
of the world market – they
must come to understand &
embrace the global economy
That continuing the American
success story is the challenge
of their generation
We also provide a special look
at China
We offer students a series of
factual, non-political
discussion articles to help
them understand the issues
of our day:
 A need for introspection (a
discussion about honesty & integrity)
How much debt is too much
for the United States?
How much taxation is too
much for the United States?
Does the United States enjoy
the highest standard of living
in the world?
We introduce students to the
real world of Northeast Ohio:
 Annual forum at Hudson HS
A major keynote speaker
 14 visionary science speakers
 Mentor-guided
entrepreneurial brainstorming
We can also re-create the
program on-site at high schools
We also introduce students to
the real world through
optional Science Concept
Plan competitions
Keynote speaker:
Mr. John Dearborn, President,
JumpStart Inc.
BioScience speakers:
Ms. Elizabeth Sump, Cleveland
Clinic. Executive Director of the
Clinical Tissue Engineering Center
Dr. Brian Davis, Austen
BioInnovation Institute, Vice
President, Director, Medical Device
Development Center
Physics, engineering & robotics:
Dr. John West, Kent State
University, Vice President for
Research & Professor of Chemistry
Mr. Ken Vaughan, Polymer Ohio,
Executive Director of the NanoNetwork
Dr. Kurt Sacksteder, NASA Glenn
Research Center, Space Processes &
Experiments Division
Advanced chemistry and materials :
Dr. Mark Foster, University of
Akron, Associate Dean, Department
of Polymer Science
Mr. Paul Hoogenboom, RPM
International, Inc., Senior VP for
Manufacturing, Operations & Chief
Information Officer
Dr. Eddie Sloter, WIL Research Labs,
Research Scientist & Senior
Advanced energy and
environmental science speakers:
Dr. Valerie Lyons, NASA Glenn
Research Center, Chief of the Power
and In-Space Propulsion Division
Dr. Parwinder Grewal, Ohio State
University, Ohio Agricultural
Research & Development Center,
Professor of Environmental Science
Dr. Paul Edmiston, College of
Wooster, Associate Professor of
Chemistry, ABS Materials
Bio-product and natural science
Mr. Michael Dungan, President,
BeeDance LLC (Biomimicry)
Mr. Rocky Black, Director, Bio
Product Utilization, Ohio Soybean
Dr. Katrina Cornish, The Ohio State
University, Ohio Research Scholar
Hudson High School:
Approx. 1750 students
Consistently ranked in
top 1% in Ohio, top 3%
National Blue Ribbon
High School (2008)
City of Hudson:
Est. population 23,000
Suburb located mid-way
between Akron &
One of the “100 Best
Communities for Youth”
A legacy of successful Hudson
entrepreneur Burton D.
Dedicated to the
“preservation of the free
enterprise system
Grants in areas of youth,
collegiate & adult
Has made Hudson the
entrepreneurial center of
Northeast Ohio.
SEE Economics &
Entrepreneurship Program:
 Participant since 2007/2008
school year
Has become key component
of “Intro to Business” classes
Students fully engaged with
all the main segments of the
SEE program
All students participate in SEE
business plan competition
Great scholarship award
($1,000) & mentor support of
Hudson Chamber
SEE Science & Technology
 Hosts the annual NE Science
& Technology Forum. SEE
takes over the entire school
for a day
Most all AP Biology &
Chemistry students
participate in annual Forum
All AP Biology & Chemistry
students participate in SEE
science concept plan
Business Club members serve
as Forum host speakers
NE Ohio Business Plan 1st
Place Winners (2009 & 2010):
“Play it Safe” – helping
parents keep track of kids &
keeping them safe
“Navicane” – helping visually
impaired navigate to
different destinations
“Locker Liners” – decorating
school lockers without
damaging the lockers
“Party in the Bag” – all one
needs for a party in a bag
Nicole Gartland
 2010 Hudson HS Graduate
 Miami U Business student
 2nd Place Bus Plan Winner
NE Ohio Science Concept
Plan 1st Place Winners (2010):
“Application of Graphite
infused Carbon Drug
Delivering Nanocapsules to
Eradicate Cancer Cells”
“Kinetodor” – harnessing
kinetic energy
“Photo Sensitive Pesticides to
Ensure Safety of Beehives”
“Super Bee” – addressing the
Colony Collapse Disorder
Please join Hudson High
School science teachers
Christina Wooley and
Sue Conroy to discuss
“Science Concept Plan
& Entrepreneurship”
Monday, November 15
Session B – 12:15-1:00pm
Hudson High School
Business Club:
Formed in 2009, it now
includes ~50 members
Sponsors the “Day in
Business” Program
Sponsors “Be
Sponsors HHS
“Apprentice” program
“A Day in Business
First held in 2009, it’s
grown in its 2nd year
Local business trade show
with 25 vendors open to
all HHS students
Students pay 99 cents to
attend, get free goodies
from local merchants
The goal is to educate the
HHS student body about
“Be Entrepreneurial”
Is a customized one day
program in collaboration
with Junior Achievement
to complement the SEE
program (started in 2009)
One full day of local
business speakers held in
the offices of a local
SEE Program Director John
Klipfell is the lunchtime
keynote speaker
JA “Titan” Competition
Is a business strategy
tournament & scholarship
opportunity that
complements the SEE
program (started in 2009)
In 2010, HHS won first
place among North Central
Ohio schools
Team participants won
college scholarships, HHS
won a trophy & cash
Ashland University
Stock Market
Coming this Winter to
Hudson HS
An online investing
competition sponsored by
Ashland University
Scholarship & monetary
prizes to be awarded
Hudson High School
Coming this spring to
Hudson HS
All HHS Clubs can
participate. HHS Business
Club will teach other clubs
about marketing.
Each club sells a local
product to their target
Winning club gets a share
of the profits
Natalie Stadelman
2010 Hudson HS Graduate
Miami U Business student
1st Place Bus Plan Winner
Hudson Bus Club Founder
Nobody else offers students & teachers what we do!
We go well beyond others to help students address the range
of challenges & opportunities they will face in the future:
We explain how our economic system works
We introduce students to the regional business community
We explain the importance of entrepreneurship & innovation
We introduce students to the real world through business plan
and science concept plan competitions
We introduce students to the challenge & opportunity of the
global economy
We engage students in discussion of important issues of the day
We introduce students to the wide range of research &
innovation & economic development that exists in our region
We address the practical realities of the education
We provide instruction/content to meet student future challenges in
areas in which many teachers don’t understand or are unaware of
Our “mini course of study”, “cafeteria style” approach addresses the
reality that schools have little space in their curriculum for new
The annually up-to-date content that we develop & compile provides
teachers and students with a resource they can’t find elsewhere.
While the SEE program is available to all, it is especially targeted to
the vast middle range of high schools that typically have few
resources and programs of this type available to them.
The SEE program meets the financial literacy requirement in Ohio.
While available to all, the SEE program is especially targeted
to the large middle range of high schools that usually have
few resources & programs of this type available to them:
Programs such as E-City are available to help inner-city schools
meet their special challenges.
On the other end of the spectrum, Northeast Ohio’s Independent
Schools frequently have significant programs & resources
available to them.
High School profile for 16 counties of NE Ohio: (Schools with at least 100 students)
 # of inner city schools & students:
30 schools
25,730 students
# of Independent schools & students
10 schools
4,514 students
# of other high schools & students
244 schools
195,763 students
Total number of schools & students 284 schools
216,957 students
A critically important part of Northeast Ohio’s
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is the education of our
Our region needs a large cohort of 20 and 30 year old up-in-coming
entrepreneurs to lead the economic redevelopment of our region.
While this group has spurred economic development in other
regions of the country, in the past those people have been largely
lost to Northeast Ohio as a consequence of “brain drain”.
We need to plant the entrepreneurial seed in our students while
they are still in high school, as well as introduce them to the
entrepreneurial ecosystem that is developing in Northeast Ohio so
that they are prepared and conditioned to return to Northeast Ohio
after college.
Development and retention of talent in Northeast
Ohio is critical to the future of this region,
initiatives, however, need to begin in high school
If students don’t learn what is in the SEE program, they will be
unprepared for their future.
It is much more effective to make students aware of all the
opportunities that exist in Northeast Ohio while they are still in high
school, then after they leave to go off to college, never to return.
Resources invested in the development and retention of high school
talent before they leave for college would seem to make a whole lot
more economic sense than resources invested in recruiting them to
come back once they leave.
The Scholarship of Entrepreneurial
Engagement (SEE) Program
Planting the seeds of entrepreneurship in our
youth to help prepare them for the extraordinary
change they will face during their lifetimes

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