a PowerPoint visual of the new Exiting Options for

High School DIPLOMA
Current Options:
• Regents - 65 Pass on 5 Regents Exams
(ELA, Math, Sci., US History, Global History)
•Local - via Safety Net for SWD
(55-64 pass option, RCTs for cohorts prior to
September 2011)
High School Equivalency
GED Test
To change in Jan. 2014
• RFP for HSE exam
• McGraw-Hill to provide
• Test Assessing Secondary
Completion, TASC
• Notify “near passer”
students of need to
complete current exam by
For Students with Disabilities
Safety Net Compensatory Option
* May score less than 55 on one or more of the
required exams(excluding English and Math)
if they compensate with scores higher than
65 on other exams and meet attendance and
Student Exit
course requirements
College & Career Ready
* English and math scores must be > 55
Effective 10/31/12 as an emergency action
PROPOSED - Multiple Diploma Pathways
• All Students; 3 Pathways:
• Traditional - possibly split Global into 2 courses/exams
• CTE – rigorous CTE assessment in place of Global
• STEM – 2nd math or science exam in place of Global
• Review structure of middle school programs
• Should CTE start in middle school?
• More accelerated courses to earn HS credit in MS
(NOT High School Diplomas)
Skills and Achievement
Commencement Credential
• Begin 2013-2014 school year
• NYSAA eligible & assessed
• Attended 12 years excluding K,
or end of year attains 21
• CDOS learning standards
• Accompanied by new model of
Student Exit Summary
New York State
Career Development & Occupational Studies
Commencement Credential
• For students with disabilities as a
supplement to a diploma or as their
exiting credential
• Must provide opportunities to earn
regular HS diploma and access to general
• Develop & annually review career plan
• Career related coursework and WBL
2 units of study (216 hours to include
a minimum of 54 hours of WBL) or
national work readiness credential
• Employability profile documenting
attainment of commencement level
knowledge and skills of the CDOS
Begins July 1, 2013
Timeline for Recommendations and Implementation
13/14 Year
Advisory groups for CTE
-SACC implemented
CTE Advisory
recommendations to BOR on
tech assessments comparable
to Regents Exams and Middle
School CTE considerations
-Phase 2 Credential available
-No more IEP Diploma
-Multiple Pathways to diploma
-BOR to discuss proposed
Safety Net regulations
-Recommendations for Phase 2
Credential to BOR
-BOR reviews
recommendations on multiple
-BOR votes on assessment
changes for entering cohort of
Sept. 2013
Approval of Proposed Amendment to Section 100.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the
Safety Net for Students with Disabilities to Graduate with a Local High School Diploma (October 2, 1012)
Proposal to Create Multiple Pathways to a NYS High School Diploma August 18, 2012
Potential Revision of High School Graduation Requirements: Global History and Geography August 27, 2012
Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential for Students with Severe Disabilities June 4, 2012
New York State Career and Occupational Commencement Credentials, June 2013

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