The Military Admissions Process

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Presenters: Amanda Parkstone, Transfer Admissions Coordinator- UNCW
Bob Phillpott, Veterans Affairs Coordinator- Cape Fear Community College
Amanda ParkstoneTransfer Admissions Coordinator
Bob PhilpottVeteran’s Affairs Coordinator
Generally they are:
 Non-Traditional
o 24+
o Married
o Children
o Working full- or part-time while attending school
o Large gap in education history
Have Military Training and Experience
Come from a highly structured environment with a chain of
Need a specific POC to “report” to
May desire accommodations for physical, psychological and/or
emotional challenges
Motivated, self-starters
2012-2013 Academic Year Enrollment:
o 12,387 Undergraduate
o 1,346 Graduate
o 74 Undergraduate concentrations
o 38 Master’s programs
o 2 PhD programs
New Transfer Student Enrollment 2012-2013
o 1,659
New Military Student Enrollment 2012-2013
o 10% self identified as Active Duty service members or Veterans
o 8% self-identified as Military Dependents
Point of Pride: 44-46% of all new students to campus each fall
are transfer students
Applicable to any person who has served 2 or more years in
any branch of the military in any status (AD, NG, Reserve)
Apply as transfer students
o SAT/ACT scores are not required
o Letters of recommendation are not required
o No traditional college credit? Military credit from JST or CC of the Air
Force transcript
No minimum amount of transferrable credit required
College credit? Must meet minimum transfer admissions standard
Will take the maximum amount of transferrable credit (93 for
Application Fee waived if AD at time of application
Why not freshman admissions?
o Highly competitive, weighted high school GPAs, SAT and ACT scores,
letters of rec. from HS counselors and teachers
Many of these students eithero Knew they were going into the military straight from HS (didn’t apply
themselves or take challenging course loads)
o Never took SAT/ACT
o Knew college was not an ideal option
o Not on college prep track- technical or remedial track; missing
mandated core high school courses
• Military was the “other” option (besides college)
 Three
reasons applicants might not be competitive
for admission:
o Under age 24 and Minimum Course Requirement
o Have traditional college credit (any amount) but a
cumulative transferrable GPA below admission standard
for transfer
o Poor high school record and no college credit to
evidence academic improvement
Important to develop relationship with our community college
o Establish a direct point of contact for students we are encouraging to
start at a 2 year
o To offer continued support and assistance with class registration for
students working to complete contracts
o To bridge the gap for students during their transition
• All result in success of the student at both institutions
How to foster that relationship between institutions and the students we are
working with:
Community College Visit Days- UNCW Transfer and Military Admissions team visits CFCC
once a month during the academic year for a full day of drop-ins meetings
• Advertised monthly via e-mail by both institutions and posted flier in Veterans Lounge at CFCC
Military specific visit days at the University
• Advertised to CC military population
• Includes Military Admissions pre-tour with information on applying, military credit, VA benefits,
Military Affiliated Student involvement on campus, and full campus tour led by current Transfer
Students and members of the Student Veteran’s Organization
 Programs
o 22 College Transfer Pre-Majors
o 55 Voc. Tech. Programs (most with multiple exit points e.g. diploma
or certificate available)
of Students
o Total student population: 9,000
of Veteran Students
o 714 Student receiving VA Educational Benefits (including
dependents) for Spring 2014 term
o Approximately 200 more attending but not receiving VA benefits
Assist Student Veterans in the transition to academic and civilian life
o Unique challenges
How we assist
o Advising
o Financial Aid
o VA Education benefits certification
o Scholarship help
o A communal place for camaraderie and support
The Center
in center to assist with claims
 Volunteers
 Summer Institute
o Aurora Foundation
o Goal
o Details on program
o Lessons learned
Amanda Parkstone
Transfer Admissions Coordinator
UNC Wilmington
[email protected]
[email protected]
Bob Philpott
Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Cape Fear Community College
[email protected]

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