The Landscape

The High School Profile
Grace Cheng, Harvard College
Jim Miller, Brown University
Gloria Mueller, formerly of Glenbrook
South HS
Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions
Thursday, June 26, 2014
Today’s Session
• Helpful Hints for your high school profile
• Examples of high school profiles
• Questions and Discussion
Demographic Information
• School name, address, CEEB code, web address
• Counselors’ contact information: phone, email, fax
• Specify number of seniors in the current graduating class
• Percentage of seniors who go on to 4-year, 2-year colleges
• Demographic composition of student body
• If applicable, specify amount of financial aid scholarships given
to students or percent of students of scholarship
• Minimum requirements for graduation
• Number of honors, AP, IB courses offered (group by academic department or
list all honors, all AP, all IB together)
• Specify whether there are school rules that dictate how many H, AP, or IB
courses a student can take or if they are not allowed to take them until a
specific grade
• Specify any specific HS extra requirements, i.e. “All seniors are required to take
a fine arts course; All juniors are required to do 100 hrs of service.”
• Explain any course abbreviations used
• Specify whether your high school is on semesters, trimesters, quarters, block
Grade Point Average
• Grading scale, i.e. A = 90+, B = 80 to 89, etc.
• Explain if the GPA is weighted or not. If weighted, how?
• Explain what is included in your cumulative GPA – only academic
courses, all courses, courses from 10-12?
• Transcript should calculate a cumulative GPA, or at least a GPA for
each school year
Rank in Class
• A clear statement of whether you provide rank in class or not.
• If you provide rank, is it weighted or unweighted? If weighted, what
does it include – H, AP, IB? How much weight is given?
• Many schools give two ranks: a weighted rank and an unweighted rank
• Do you have shared ranks?
• If no rank is given, provide a grade distribution: deciles, quints, quartiles
• Visual representation of distribution: graphs, bar charts, scattergrams
• Grade distribution by each course taught in the 11th grade
• Provide GPA range at a minimum:
The lowest GPA in the class, the highest GPA in the class, mean GPA
Standardized Testing
• Mean or median SAT I or ACT (or both) for the junior class
• SAT subject tests if you have sufficient data to report
• Score distribution or median/mean AP/IB results at the end of the
junior year
• List colleges your students have attended for the past year or
several years
• Describe the community your high school is located in
• Provide website address for the high school, if a website is
• Provide other “bragging” items about your students or
Profile Examples:
Grand Rapids Christian High School
GRCHS Old Profile 2011.pdf
2012-2013 School Profile GRCHS.pdf
Lake Forest Academy
Taipei American School
Questions and Discussion
Grace Cheng, Harvard College
Jim Miller, Brown University
Gloria Mueller, formerly of
Glenbrook South HS

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