Surface Area Word Problems

Please hand in your Surface Area of 3D objects worksheets at the
front of the class
Find a partner and sit next to your partner at a table
Math 10 A&W – Class Starter
Answering Word Problems
Ask yourself the following question:
What approach do I take to answering a word problem in math
Discuss the question with your partner, in 3 minutes I will ask you
to share your approach with the class.
Ex: I read the question at LEAST twice before starting the problem
Answering Word Problems
With your partner, come to the front board and share your
strategies to answering word problems
If you agree with another group, write your initials next to
other strategies
Questions to Ask yourself
1. What is the question asking me to do?
2. What information is the question giving me?
3. Is all the information I’m given relevant?
4. What approach/strategy should I take to find an answer?
5. Is there anything in my data booklet that could help?
Word Problems Practice
Take out your Data Booklet and collect a ruler, calculator and at least 2
pieces of paper
One partner will sit facing the board the other with their back to the board
(do not turn to face the projection at any time)
The partner facing the board will use verbal cues to guide his/her partner
The partner facing the board is NOT allowed to write or use ANY visual
cues (i.e. pointing)
The with the back to the board will solve the problem with the guidance of
their partner
Easy to Hard
We will start nice and easy…
Please start by drawing the object
Please show ALL work and calculations
Partner 1
Find the perimeter of a rectangle with a length of 5 m and a
width of 8 m.
P = 5m + 5m + 8m + 8m = 26m
Partner 2
Find the circumference of a circle with a radius of 2 m’s.
C = π x 2 x 2m = 12.6m
Partner 1
What is the area of a rectangle with perimeter 177.6 mm and base
length 39.9 mm?
W = 48.9 mm
A = 48.9 mm x 39.9 mm =1951.1 mm
Partner 2
If the base of a rectangle is 22 cm and the area is 484 cm2 , what is
the height of the rectangle?
H = 484 cm2 x 2 ÷ 22 cm = 44 cm
Partner 1
Find the area of a pie that measures 20 cm’s from one side of the pie
through the middle to the other side.
R = 20 cm ÷ 2 = 10 cm
A = π x r2 = π x (10 cm)2 = 314.2 cm2
Partner 2
Find the 2-D area of Ancient Redwood tree stump that
measures 3.14 m around the stump.
C = 3.14 m
r = C ÷ (2 x π) = 3.14 m ÷ (2 x π) = 0.5 m
A = π x r2 = π x (0.5 cm)2 = 0.8 cm2
Partner 1
Find the surface area of the
cinder-cone volcano shown
to the right.
Ans: 35.9 mi2
Partner 2
The local college has a
greenhouse that is shaped like
a square pyramid, as shown
below. The lateral faces of the
greenhouse are made of glass.
Find the surface area of the
glass on the greenhouse.
Ans: 297 m2
Partner 1
The top and sides of the
cake shown below are to be
covered in frosting.
Calculate the area that will
be covered with frosting.
Ans: 192 in2
Partner 2
Phil is planning to shingle
the triangular roof on his
barn shown below. How
many square feet will he be
Ans: 2918.4 ft2
Partner 1
The top of a costume hat is
shaped like a triangular
pyramid, as shown below.
How much black felt is
needed to cover the sides of
the pyramid?
Ans: 148.5 in2
Partner 2
When the butterfly net shown below
is fully extended, it forms the shape
of a cone with a diameter of 12
inches and a slant height of 26
inches. Calculate the amount of
mesh material needed to make the
butterfly net. (note: the opening of
the cone does not require mesh.
Ans: 490.0 in2
Partner 1
Jim has been hired to make a jewelry box. If the box is 12 inches
long, 6 inches deep and 9 inches tall, how much veneer will it take to
cover the all the exterior except the base, assuming no waste.
Ans: 396.0 in2
Partner 2
A rectangular pyramid in Egypt has a base of 80 meters, a height of
60 meters and a slant height of 72 meters. What is the surface area of
the pyramid assuming it was floating about the ground!
Ans: 12240 m2
Challenging 3D Objects
Collect the Worksheet for Challenging 3D Objects
Find the Surface Area (Area of surface exposed)
I will collect this at the end of class and you will be allowed
time to work through the problems next class

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