Enhancing the Implementation of UNSCR1540

Enhancing the Implementation of UNSCR1540:
UNSCR 1540 Civil Society Forum - Opportunities for Engagement
8 - 10 January 2013
Vienna, Austria
Masamichi MINEHATA
Bradford Disarmament Research Centre (BDRC)
UNSCR 1540
Clear Recognition of “Prevention” for Security and Development
• “prevent proliferation in all its aspects of all weapons of mass destruction”
• “prevention of proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons
should not hamper international cooperation in materials, equipment and
technology for peaceful purposes”
What is working and what is not?
Need for a Comprehensive and Nationally Tailored Approach
WP.20 (2011): Wide support towards the topic
Possible approaches to education and awareness-raising among life scientists
Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea and
Switzerland (on behalf of the “JACKSNNZ”), and Kenya, Sweden, Ukraine,
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United
States of America
The ways forward
Education under Treaty Regimes
• The IAEA: The International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN)
• The OPCW: Statement of the DG 2012, TWG on Education, RevCon2013
• The BWC: Annual meeting on Standing Agenda Item, 8th RevCon2016
UNSCR 1977 (2011)
1540: An Umbrella Resolution to Promote Education
• Urges the 1540 Committee to continue to engage actively with States and
relevant international, regional and subregional organizations to promote
the sharing of experience, lessons learned and effective practices, in the
areas covered by resolution 1540 (2004).
Bradford Disarmament Research Centre
Malcolm Dando
Simon Whitby
Tatyana Novossiolova
Gerald Walther
Judi Sture
Masamichi Minehata
Masamichi MINEHATA
[email protected]

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