ECE_4335_Orientation Slides

ECE 4335/4336:
Capstone Design
Fall 2014
Dr. Diana de la Rosa-Pohl
(course coordinator)
Dr. Pauline Markenscoff
(undergraduate academic advisor)
Mr. Michael Craig
(ECE advising assistant)
Dr. Len Trombetta
(course instructor)
UH ECE Capstone Design
• Course Coordinator:
• Diana de la Rosa-Pohl (“Dr. D”)
• [email protected]
• 713-743-4163
• E316A D3 (for now)
• Course Instructors:
• Dr. Diana de la Rosa-Pohl
• Dr. Ben Jansen
• Follow along:
UH ECE Capstone Design
• Dr. Pauline Markenscoff
ECE Undergraduate Advisor
“Degree Plan Confirmation” form (handout)
“Request to be Added to ECE 4335” form (handout)
Advisement Report instructions (handout)
• Prerequisites:
• You must complete:
• “Request to be Added to ECE 4335” form (handout)
• if the information provided is complete and you are on track to graduate with the
BSEE or BSCpE in May 2015, then…
• You will be:
• added to the course automatically in summer
• (NOTE: you cannot register for 4335 yourself!)
• notified by the department when that happens
• those with financial aid issues should notify Dr. Markenscoff by e-mail to be
given priority in processing (otherwise, hang tight)
UH ECE Capstone Design
• Prerequisites: (continued)
• You must also:
• attend a portion of the Fall 2013
Capstone Design Conference’s
(CDC) poster session on Friday,
April 25th (UH Hilton—see
• fill out evaluation forms for
three (3) posters and (3) talks.
• evaluation forms will be
available at the Hilton during
poster/presentation sessions
• feel free to come to lunch, but
be sure to sign in to the tablet
pc and provide meal preference
UH ECE Capstone Design
• ECE 4335/4336 Class Organization and Meetings
• students typically grouped into teams of 4
• can vary depending on project/class size
• teams grouped into cohorts comprising 3-5 teams
• assigned during the first week of class.
• you are encouraged to form your team before classes begin, or
even better, before the summer break
UH ECE Capstone Design
• ECE 4335/4336 Class Organization and Meetings
• fall 2014, classes meet from 10:00 – 11:30 am TTH (W205)
• detailed course meeting schedule will be posted on the course
website in summer.
• in general, there will be three types of meetings:
• General Class Meetings: Everyone attends general class meetings. These
cover various topics of importance.
• Team meetings: Teams will meet with the facilitator (course instructor)
approximately every two weeks, and will meet with the project technical
advisor as necessary.
• Oral Presentations by Teams: Presentations will take place approximately
every three weeks by cohort, and will be attended by all teams in the
UH ECE Capstone Design
• Course Expectations (each semester)
planning document(s)
project description
design plan
assigned duties
• reports
one written report per student
one oral report per student
one team written report
one team oral report
one project demo
• project deliverable(s)
• BTW…Attendance is mandatory. You are expected to be in class during the
first week.
• If for some reason you cannot be in class during the first week, you must obtain
advance approval for an absence (which must be for a very GOOD reason) or you
will be dropped from the class.
• Teams: 3-4 students
• Cohorts: 4-5 teams with similar technical issues
• Assigned one or more of the following:
• Facilitator: A course instructor who will provide overall
guidance and handle administrative issues.
• Industry Engineer: A technical contact who is familiar
with your project. (for industry projects)
• Faculty Consultant: A UH faculty member who is familiar
with the project and grades assignments.
The Bottom Line…
• You and your team are responsible for your
project and its success. You are expected to act
professionally, which means…
• You take your work seriously and do what is necessary
to get the job done: no excuses.
• You show up on time for class and meetings with your
faculty/industry consultants.
• You “pull your weight” on the team.
UH ECE Capstone Design
• Course Web Site:
• mostly Blackboard or public web site
• more details coming this summer
UH ECE Capstone Design
• Where Do Projects Come From?
• (site in construction)
• outside clients (local industries)
• student employers
• if you are currently employed by a company that wishes to sponsor a
project, please contact the facilitator as soon as possible for further
• faculty
• engineering competitions
• Microsoft
• students themselves
• a proposal format will be
available on-line
• you will be notified by email as
to when and where you can
obtain one
Show me the Benjamins!
• Where Does Money Come From?
• Local industry sponsors
• industry sponsors are asked to make purchases or provide equipment and
supplies, and to make a donation to the Capstone design fund…
• Capstone design fund
• make your own purchases and get
• get the department to buy it for you
• Can I solicit funds from industry?
• Yes but talk to Dr. de la Rosa-Pohl
• Can the team pay for it?
• Sure.
• Who keeps the project?
• Whoever paid for it.
Facebook Group
• This is a closed group for students enrolling/enrolled in ECE
4335 in the fall.
• Request to join and DdlRP will add you.
• Use this space to communicate with each other and get/post
information related to the course.
Checklist (required)
“Degree Plan Confirmation” form (handout)
“Request to be Added to ECE 4335” form (handout)
Fill out Survey Monkey survey
Request to join “UH ECE Capstone Design (Fall-Spring)” group on FB.
Attend the ECE Research and Design Conference (A.K.A. Capstone
Design Conference—CDC) and fill out evaluation forms for poster
session and/or oral presentations
April 25, 2014
business attire
see schedule for details
if not attending, must provide documentation as proof of inability to
Forms to Bring
1. “Degree Plan Confirmation” forms (handout)
2. “Request to be Added to ECE 4335” form (handout)
3. Advisement Report instructions (handout)
4. ECE Research and Design Conference Schedule
5. Survey Monkey URL
• make 40 copies of each

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