BTM Agility Index

ISM 158 – Brandon Espinoza – 5/4/10
What does the BTM do?
BTM analyzes a businesses
performance by focusing on certain
areas that pose the greatest strategic
and operational challenges.
 This enables businesses to: maximize
business value, drive business models,
optimize business and technology
services, reduce costs while improving
efficiency and achieve an enduring
What is the BTM Agility Index?
Conducted by BTM in partnership with
 Examines the attributes of agility and how
successful companies employ the
technology to achieve it.
 Built on a framework that describes the
processes, structures and behaviors that
comprise business agility.
 The framework consists of: Management
Behaviors, Business Technology
Architecture, and Operational Practices.
"The Index reveals the key role business
agility holds in economic performance
and how business technology
convergence can accelerate
establishment of that strategic position.
Furthermore, the findings specify the
behaviors and constructs that drive
agility, which are defined as a
repeatable management practice that
can be implemented in any organization,
regardless of size or industry." – Faisal
Hoque, CEO of BTM
How was the index created?
Examination of publicly traded US
companies across multiple industry
 A range of financial measures, including
value, performance, growth, margin,
capital efficiency and stock price
 These things are used to measure the
financial effect of business agility.
"The BTM Business Agility Index results
show the importance and true business
value to customers of focusing on
improving their overall business agility."
 "Customers will be able to compare their
current level of business agility and
learn how to create significant revenue
and earnings improvement. We are
excited about working with BTM on this
new agility index." - Paul Brunet, IBM
VP of WebSphere
Research shows that companies with
highly mature business agility
characteristics exhibited superior financial
13% to 38% performance advantage in
capital efficiency and value.
10% to 15% performance advantage in
0.2% to 5% performance advantage in
revenue and earnings growth.
23% to 29% less stock price volatility.
BTM’s Business Agility Index shows the
correlation between technology and
 Businesses that utilize technology to a
fuller extent have a competitive
advantage, better communication to
customers/vendors, a more streamlined
business plan and a more efficient
information flow.

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