Christopher Farms Elementary Class Profile

Taylor Chappell
Cooperating Teacher Mrs. Amber
Mrs. Sulich
 Mrs. Sulich teaches fifth grade at Christopher Farms
Elementary, however, she does teach Reading 180 after
school along with private music lessons.
Student Blurb
Laurenz-Creative and always pays
Gabriela- good listener and always tries
her best
Kobe- respectful and helpful
Joseph- respectful and organized
Rachel- outgoing and works to the best of
her abilities
Grace- shy, enjoys math, and organized
Tristin- hardworking and outgoing
Madison- hardworking, prepared, and
Sean- helpful, respectful, and always on
Garrett- very outgoing and well behaved
Tyler- nice, helpful, and playful
Ashley- shy but friendly and helpful
Dylan- funny and smart
Tiffany- shy, loves school, and always
does what asked of her
Carolyn- sweet, friendly, and loves all
Matthew- tends to talk to peers, loves
sports, and enjoys school
Jack- quiet, nice, and respectful
Kiyah- responsible and hardworking
Gabrielle S.- hardworking and respectful
Joel- funny and tends to get off task
Joshua- likes to sleep and occasionally off
Cameron- nice, friendly, and honest
Madison T.- always ask for help when
needed, outgoing, and funny
 There are no gifted students in Mrs. Sulich’s class.
However, Mrs. Gaskin, another fifth grade teacher has two
gifted classes.
 Mrs. Sulich’s homeroom does not have any Special
Education students either. However, Mrs. Waldman has
the inclusion class. There are ten students with I.E.P’s and
one student with a 504.
 Mrs. Sulich’s classroom doesn’t have a specific theme
but, I have noticed she has a lot of American Flags
around the room. Each students name tag has an
American Flag boarder and above each table they are
stars with an American Flag boarder.
assigned corner.
Class Theme
 Each subject has its own corner in the classroom
where the students keep their textbooks, workbooks,
and subject binders. There are also informational
posters that have to do with each subject in the
Bug on the wall
 Christopher Farms Elementary had a school wide skate
night at a local roller rink. Many of the students did
not know how to skate, instead they played a game
called Bug on the Wall. The game is simple all you do
is run into the wall like a bug and whoever got there
first, won!
Daily Routines
 When Mrs. Sulich’s class arrives at school everyday they begin
with morning work. At 8:15 they go to Physical Education,
when they come back they begin with Mathematics and then
switch to Science or Social Studies depending on the day.
 Then the classes switch at 11:20 or 11:40 depending on the day.
Mrs. Sulich’s class then goes to Mrs. Waldman’s class and has
Language Arts until lunch time at 12:03.
 After, they come back from lunch they continue with
Language Arts and switch back to Mrs. Sulich
 When they get back to Mrs.Sulich they pack up their
backpacks and work on whatever other classwork they still
need additional time on.
Discipline Plan
 Mrs. Sulich and Mrs. Waldman both have the same
discipline plans. In Mrs. Sulich’s class everyone has a
number, 1 through 25. She has the numbers 1 through 25
on the wall in pocket folders with a green card. When a
student continues to have poor behavior they then have to
turn their card from green to yellow.
 If they continue to act up after their card turns to yellow
they are then told to turn their card to red.
 Anytime a students has to turn their card Mrs. Sulich
writes it down on her clipboard so when the classes switch
Mrs. Waldman can see that the student was acting up in
Mrs. Sulich’s class.

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