Josh Cox`s science fair no_white_under_black_light

By: Joshua Cox
Mr. leingang’s third per. Science
How does the use of the different cleaning
products(dial hand soap, softsoap hand soap,
Purel hand sanitizer) effect how good the
hands are cleaned?(are they false advertisers
about killing 99.9% of germs?)
As I use three different kinds of hand cleaning
supplies then we will know if the
advertisements are false because it will shows
the germs in which were left by the cleaner
under a black light.
Black light
Glitterbug potion
Two hands
Dial hand soap
Purel hand sanatizer
Set up diagram
Apply a dime size amount of glitter bug potion onto hands of each person(3 people)
Rub in thoroughly for 10 seconds
Go under a UV light(black light) and view the germs on your hand that are fully white(in
a very dark room)
Go somewhere that has a sink and wash hands for 30 seconds with one pump of each
soap.(hand sanitiser) with warm water
Dry hands off
Go back under a UV light(black light) and observe how good the cleaning supplies
cleaned the germs off
Record the estimated amount of germs that came off after washing
Repeat steps 1-9 2-3 more times after washing hands until fully clean(no white under
black light
Answer the problem/ question: how does the use of the different cleaning products(dial
hand soap, softsoap hand soap, and purel hand snitiser) effect how good your hands
get clean?(are they false advertizers about killing 99.0% of germs?
• MV-types of cleaning products
• RV-How good the products clean your
• CV-amount of soaps, time you wash your
hands(rub in hand sanitizer), time of rubbing
in Glitter bug potion
In my experiment “No white under black light”, my
hypothesis was correct. The Dial hand soap did work the
best. The hand sanitizer unfortunately did not work good at
all. this shows what we should use to clean our hands. The
highest average of cleaning the germs off our hands was
83% clean, which was cleaned by the dial hand soap. The
lowest average of cleaned off germs was 16% which was
cleaned by the Purell hand sanitizer. The difference of
those are 71 %. That’s a huge difference. This proves that
we should wash our hands with dial hand soap because it
gets 83% of germs off our hands. We should not use Purell
hand sanitizer. So this supports my original hypothesis.
The purpose of my project was to find out
what is the proper product to use to clean our
hands. Before I tested which product would
work the best. I believed that the Purell hand
sanitizer would get the most germs off/kill the
germs. It turned out I was incorrect. If I had used
maybe two pumps of the cleanser my results may
have been different. From doing and
completing this project I have learned we should
use dial hand soap over anything else, and wash
our hands instead of using hand sanitizers.
In my science fair project I incorporated four main things.
These are the soaps and germs there are dial handsoap,
softsoap hand soap, purell and saintizer, and the glitterbug
Dial hand soap is a antibacterial soap with moisturizer. It
smells really good. It is #1 ddocter recommended. The active
ingredient is Triclosan which is 0.15% of the soap. This
ingredient is used for antibacterial. This soap is used for hand
washing to decrease bacteria or the skin.
Softsoap hand soap is an antibacterial hand soap. It smells
like air freshener depending on what kind you get.
Different Cleaning Products
Dial Hand Soap
Purell Hand Sanitizer
Soft-Soap Hand soap

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