Doodle bug

By: Collin Pierre
Class 2-105
Doodlebugs are also
called Antlions.
The stages in the life
cycle of an ant lion
are eggs, larva,
cocoon, and adult.
The doodle bug is
the larva stage of
the ant lion
The adults resemble
dragonfly adult.
The antlion larva is a
predator which digs a
pit and waits at the
bottom. If an ant or
another insect slips
and falls into the hole,
it can't escape. The
ant's body fluid is
sucked out by the ant
lion larva, leaving the
body behind.
Antlions can be found
in sheltered, sandy
areas such as wooded
dunes, open forest
floors, and dry, treelined river banks. They
can also be found in
the sandy soil of flower
beds, under hedges or
leaves, in
undeveloped city lots,
and under buildings
set on piers.
They protect themselves
by staying hidden under
the sand.
 When an ant lion larva
looks for a place to dig
its pit, it moves across
the surface of the sand
and under the sand with
backward movements. It
leaves a trail in the sand
as if someone is making
design. That is why ant
lion are also called

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