Performance Monitoring – Large Bank Prime

Large Bank - Prime Services P&IM : Polaris Monitoring Case Study
Key words – MTTR =0 , BAC 6.x to 8.x & 9.x , Demanding Investment Bank env
Engagement Highlight
Program Scope
Polaris is engaged with JPM IB Prime Service s
Production & Infra Mgmt since Sep 2007
Engagement Involves Production Monitoring &
Availability for systems supporting Businesses
whose revenue is over 1.5 Billion Dollars
Polaris Ownership to Support MTTR = 0 and
System Availability =99.5%
Administer ,Maintain & Upgrade HP BAC Suite
(SiteScope , BPM, DDM, Diagnostics) from 6.x
Series to 8.x Series .
500 + Physical hosts covered across multiple
Firewall Zones , 250 + BPM Transactions
monitored actively in North America
Program Solution
Manage the maintenance and
administration of all functions of BAC 6.2
which is currently at 8.x (near future rollout
to BSM 9.0)
Develop a Unified Reporting Model to
consolidate different tools
Maintain a team closely interacting with
all channels and vendors
Leverage Polaris prior expertise from JPM
Performance Practice in monitoring key
components ,hence support the application
through the lifecycle of the product
Perl solutions for interact with external
systems from Master DB Repository
Architect & Manage the Production
monitoring of JPM IB with JPM resources
BPM Scripts - Create & Maintain BPM Scripts
Infrastructure Maintenance – Core SME team
for Sitescope, ITRS Geneos
MAM/DDM – Maintain existing Discovery
Diagnostics – HP Diagnostic s & Wily
Intrascope (Wily no integration to HP BAC)
Dashboards – For Development , CSRs &
In scope : 90+ Applications , 20,000 SiteScope
Business Benefit
 Cost Benefit with one point SME team to
match right tool for application and tools
issue resolution
 Holistic ownership of monitoring ensuring
faster turnaround time from setup to
delivery of application monitoring
 Cost benefit in Leveraging Polaris prior
expertise from JPM Performance Practice
 Reduce the time taken to identify and fix
any potential issue in production
 Leverage both JPM – HP Enterprise license
Agreement & Polaris – HP Partnership
Evolving and Demanding Environment with
High Visibility to Business & Senior
Applications monitored were across many
Platforms, Multiple Firewall Zones & Data
Migration effort of Bear Stearns Prime
Brokerage applications to JPM IB data centers
Migrate existing implementation to JPM
state of the art data centers with hardware
capacity uplift
Coalesce Different Tools practices for a
coordinated monitoring effort
Key Innovations
• Integrate BAC Dashboard to third party
Unified Geneos Dashboard for Eyes on Glass
Monitoring Team
• Automation of Checkouts by CSR’s across
different regions for different zones end of day
runs and create dashboards for them
• Create a Central repository of all the data and
provide customized reports to different teams
• Compliance Reporting systems to JPM internal
capacity compliance systems from existing
Large Bank - Prime Services: Monitoring Architecture & Infrastructure
Large Bank - Prime Services : HP BAC-Dashboards
Large Bank - Prime Services : HP BAC-BPM Reports
BPM Transactions
Diagnostics BPM profiles
Call Profile
Large Bank - Prime Services : HP BAC-Infrastructure Reports
SiteScope Monitors
Large Bank - Prime Services: Real time Dashboard & Log viewing
XPOLOG Web based Log viewing
BAC Dashboard Summary in Geneos Dashboard

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