Electronic Dance Music
Hannah Workman
• Set of percussive electronic beats, measured in
beats per minute (BPM), in which the artist
creates a synchronized segue to progress to the
next beat(s) to create songs
Also known as EDM, club music, house music,
electro, dubstep, trap music, etc.
• EDM was first created by Giorgio Moroder in the
late 70’s when he experimented with the
synthesizer in his music with his song, “I Feel
Development – 1980's
• In Detroit, underground acid house music or
house music exploded in the U.K and Germany
after the release of Derrick May’s song, “Strings
of Life”
Development – 1990's
• Electronic Dance Music began becoming popular
in large cities in the U.S. during the 1990’s and
was most commonly referred to as electronica
with artists such as Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, and
The Chemical Brothers.
Development – Early 2000's
• EDM continued to grow in the U.S. with Daft
Punk’s 2006 performance at Coachella in
Contemporary EDM
• Beginning in 2011, EDM could often be heard
regularly on the radio with David Guetta’s, “Feel
So Close,” and “Don’t you Worry Child” by
Swedish House Mafia
• Other popular artist’s today include Deadmau5,
Skrillex, and Avicii.
EDM Festivals
• Along with the growth of EDM, music festivals are
becoming increasingly popular with the EDM
• Popular festivals include Coachella, Lollapalooza,
and Tomorrowland.
Criticism of EDM
• With today’s technology, it is easier than ever for
anyone to produce and publish EDM
• Popular websites today such as YouTube and
SoundCloud allow any amateur artist to publish
their music
• With this advancement in technology, many claim
that EDM has become the “push-play” genre,
losing its artistic and creative background
Why I Chose EDM
• EDM my favorite genre of music
• I have been to various shows and festivals such as
Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan
• I myself create EDM as a hobby, but I do not
publish my work online

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