FACET Exp Area

FACET Exp Area
Christine Clarke
3rd October 2013
Notable changes:
Ion pump now in IP1 area to maintain vacuum when valve 3160 is closed
E-202 chamber removed – space now exists for EOS chamber for laser-e-beam timing
Space/support made for long oven design due to be installed this run
Lost wirescanner 4 
2 BPMs installed in the IP Area (controls information to follow)
No Stainless Steel 50um window – only windows in beamline are 75um and 50um beryllium
7:30am 30th September… what lies at the end of the rainbow?
IP1 table upstream end. No changes until after wirescanner. Be window
moved upstream. E202 chamber removed. Space created for EOS chamber.
BPM installed.
Downstream end of IP1 table. Oven table mover is now extended by 1 m…
… creating space for the new 140 cm lithium oven currently being built in UCLA.
There is also a BPM installed in the bypass line.
Elements after the oven moved slightly downstream and some nipples/spool pieces
were removed.
Unfortunately particularly cramped downstream and it was necessary to remove
the fourth wirescanner from the IP Area. The stainless steel vacuum tight window
was also removed and a valve installed to enable us to continue to vent this area
and pump down again quickly.

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