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Modernization of Poultry Inspection
Kendra Waldbusser
SVP – Food Safety & Quality Assurance
Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation
Modernization of Poultry Slaughter
• Published in Federal Register on Jan 2012
• Goal of agency was to implement early 2013
• The proposed voluntary rule would eliminate the existing
Streamlined Inspection System (SIS), New Line Speed
Inspection System (NELS)
• Under the proposed rule, any waivers associated with
technologies adopted in the rule would be no longer
necessary and thus eliminated.
• The proposed rule would not affect the Salmonella
Initiative Project (SIP), and any establishments operating
under waivers would still need to be part of SIP.
What did all that mean?
• Currently 4 ways (systems) to slaughter a broiler:
– SIS = 70 bpm
• 2 USDA inspectors
– NELS = 91 bpm
• 3 USDA inspectors
– High Speed Line Waiver = 140 bpm
• 4 USDA inspectors
– HIMP Waiver = 175 bpm
• 1 inspector
• HACCP based Inspection Model Project
• 20 plants since 1999
• USDA is proposing a new way
What would it look like?
• Plants conduct carcass “sorting” before USDA inspection.
• One USDA inspector would be assigned to each line and
would be stationed just before the chiller.
• Would allow lines speeds up to 175 birds per minute for
young chickens
• Would remove the existing finished product standards and
instead require establishments to maintain procedures
ensuring the products meet the definition of ready to cook
poultry (e.g. standards for feathers)
• Would remove the chilling requirements and instead require
plants to incorporate procedures for chilling
What would it look like? Cont.
• USDA would increase focus on offline inspections (e.g.,
HACCP records review and other food safety related tasks)
• A USDA inspector would have to be notified before a new
flock is slaughtered to allow inspection of the viscera of the
first 300 birds slaughtered.
Common Misconceptions
Line speeds will increase 5 fold
Plants could “flip a switch” and go to 175bpm
The change would be mandatory
Increase in line speed will be harmful to our employees
Defect rates will increase

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