基盤医学特論 開講通知
Information on Special Lecture Tokuron FY2014
Dr.Tommaso Pizzorusso
Dr.Yingjie Shen
ドロイチン硫酸が注目されています。Yingjie Shen博士は初めてコンドロイチン硫酸の受容体として受容体型チロシ
眼優位性可塑性は経験依存的神経可塑性の一つです。通常幼い小児にしか見られません。Tommaso Pizzorusso
てperineuronal netの抑制性ニューロンにおける重要性を示した大きな功績で知られる、この領域の第一人者です。
日時:平成26年1月8日 (水)
16時00分〜18時20分 (Time and Date: 16:00-January 8th, 2014)
場所:基礎棟1F 第2会議室 (Room:Conference Room #2 1st Floor of Building for Medical Research)
言語:英語 (Language: English)
16:00〜17:Dr.Yingjie Shen (The Ohio State Univ .)
Traffic Light for Axonal Growth The Implication of Peri-axonal Proteoglycans in Neural
1.Coles CH, Shen Y, Tenney AP, Siebold C, Sutton GC, Lu W, Gallagher JT, Jones EY, Flanagan JG, Aricescu AR.
Proteoglycan-specific molecular switch for RPTPσ clustering and neuronal extension. Science. 2011 Apr
2.Shen Y, Tenney AP, Busch SA, Horn KP, Cuascut FX, Liu K, He Z, Silver J, Flanagan JG. PTPsigma is a receptor for
chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan, an inhibitor of neural regeneration. Science. 2009 Oct 23;326(5952):592-6.
17:10〜18:20:Dr.Tommaso Pizzorusso(University of Florence)
Ocular dominance plasticity as a model for experience-dependent development of the
cerebral cortex
1.Tognini P, Putignano E, Coatti A, Pizzorusso T. Experience-dependent expression of miR-132 regulates ocular
dominance plasticity. Nat Neurosci. 2011 Sep 4;14(10):1237-9.
2.Putignano E, Lonetti G, Cancedda L, Ratto G, Costa M, Maffei L, Pizzorusso T. Developmental downregulation of
histone posttranslational modifications regulates visual cortical plasticity. Neuron. 2007 Mar 1;53(5):747-59.
3.Pizzorusso T, Medini P, Berardi N, Chierzi S, Fawcett JW, Maffei L. Reactivation of ocular dominance plasticity in the
adult visual cortex. Science. 2002 Nov 8;298(5596):1248-51.
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