“Full Kornhauser” Issues

“Full Kornhauser”
“Full Kornhauser”
Not surprisingly,
tunneling to Palmer
Square is no easy
matter. The tunnel
route must go under
road infrastructure,
University buildings,
As a practical matter,
Palmer Square Station
is an excellent idea…
…for the future.
“Half Kornhauser”
As the Dinky comes into Princeton Township from West Windsor,
it crosses two bridges, the first spans the D&R Canal and the
second crosses Stony Brook where it empties into Carnegie Lake.
We do not propose to begin to take the Dinky below its current
grade until after it has crossed these two bridges.
Bridge over Stony Brook
Bridge over D&R Canal
Bridge over D&R Canal
This historic bridge is
notable in two respects:
First, it was built with a
pivot point, shown here.
It originally could be
swung away to allow canal
boat traffic to pass. It is
now fixed in place.
Second, it is a rail bridge
(note daylight), and would
need extensive
modification to permit
BRT traffic.
After crossing these two bridges, the Dinky begins climbing a
steady grade into Princeton Borough.
During this leg of the journey, we propose that the Dinky ROW
gradually lower in respect to surface grade.
While difficult to perceive in the picture at left (taken from
Faculty Road looking south), the picture at right (taken of
Alexander Road near Stony Brook) shows the rising topography
in the vicinity of the Dinky ROW.
Faculty Road Crossing
Next, the Dinky
crosses Universityowned Faculty Road at
a grade crossing.
In our proposal, the
Dinky would pass
under Faculty Road,
eliminating this grade
An Example…
While this picture is
clearly a larger train
than the Dinky, and
includes two tracks,
this approximates our
proposal for the
Dinky’s route as it
climbs to and passes
under Faculty Road.
After Faculty Road, the Dinky continues uphill to the current Station.
In our proposal, the Dinky completes its journey from here
underground. Very expensive tunneling would be unnecessary, less
expensive “cut-and-cover” construction would do the job.
Current Dinky ROW North of
Faculty Road
Arrival in Princeton
The Dinky would then
continue into Princeton
Borough along it’s current
route, but approximately x
feet below its current route.
In this plan, the rails,
catenary wires, and
protective fencing would be
removed through this area.
This would give Princeton
University the “barrier free”
conditions it needs for its
Arts & Transit Neighborhood.
Princeton Station
The New Dinky Station could
either be a stand alone,
below grade facility,
OR ….
… the station could be
constructed as part of the
proposed Performing Arts
Building, shown here in a
salmon color.
While not shown in this graphic,
the University intends for this
building to have a huge below
grade footprint, extending
nearly to where the Dinky ROW
is today.
Exiting the Station
Exits for the new, below grade station could surface within the current
station building, which the University currently proposes to repurpose
as a café. It may well be that the café and station facilities would
coexist nicely.
Alternatively, the station exits could be located elsewhere…perhaps as
part of the Performing Arts Building.
 Preserves rail service
to Princeton.
Dinky Station as close
to downtown as today.
 Elimination of Faculty
Road grade crossing.
Requires little
modification to
Princeton University’s
current plan (site of
transit plaza becomes
commuter lot).
 No need to build new,
above ground station.
• Picture of PU’s “Plan X”
needed here.
Future Development
University owned property
University owned property
The Dinky ROW is a barrier to development!
If it were underground through this area…
…think of the possibilities!
Future Development
Finally, the “Half Kornhauser” plan takes us just that much
closer to the day when we can make the “Full Kornhauser”
a reality…a rail-based mass transit system right into the
heart of Princeton’s downtown!

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