Proclamation Line and Sugar Act

Proclamation Line
and Sugar Act
Revolutionary War Causes Unit
Causes 1 and 2 Lesson Summary
We WON the War!!
Colonists and Great Britain win the French
and Indian War
Colonists move into Ohio River Valley
Many of them are attacked and killed by
Native Americans
What happens next…
Colonists call on King George III for help.
He passes Proclamation Line of 1763
British soldiers will be stationed along the
Proclamation Line to protect colonists but
also to keep colonists form crossing into
Ohio River Valley
Colonists become angry because they
cannot get to “their” land
Good or Bad Move??
2 different Viewpoints…
- British View?
- Colonist View?
Britain is in financial struggles due to the
French and Indian War
Who will help pay the war debt?
The Colonists
How will they repay them?
The Sugar Act
Law created by George Grenville (Prime
Minister) that taxed foreign sugar
Sugar Act
The idea was that foreign sugar would now be
expensive and the colonists would buy British sugar to
help the economy and pay off war debt.
New Tax (.03),
Sons of Liberty
John Hancock
Sam Adams
Colonists protested by boycott- refusing to buy British
sugar and by smuggling- illegally sneaking foreign
sugar into colonies without paying tax
John Hancock and Sam Adams were 2 of the leading
smugglers in a group known as Sons of Liberty group of colonists protesting against British taxes and
Answers to Viewpoint
Proclamation Line (1763)- Britain put this line along the Appalachian Mountains
prohibiting the colonists from moving into the Ohio River Valley, but also to
protect them from Indians. Colonists who had moved into the Valley had been
attacked by Indians and asked Britain for help in protecting them.
British Perspective- The colonists called on us for help. We are in major debt
caused by the war we fought to protect the colonists. We now have thousands
of soldiers still in the colonies who are to guard the line to make sure no Indians
cross into the colonies. These soldiers are protecting the colonists. We do not
have enough money or soldiers to protect colonists who would move into the
Ohio River Valley so we want them to stay on their side of the line.
Colonists Perspective- The British soldiers are not allowing us to cross the
mountains and go settle in this land we just fought a war to obtain. They are
keeping us from our land in the Ohio River Valley. This is depriving us of our
right to property, and they are overusing their power.
Answers to Viewpoint
Sugar Act (1764)- This act taxed foreign sugar, as well as wine, coffee, molasses,
and calico. These taxes made the once cheaper sugar from places like Holland more
expensive than British sugar. Britain hoped that colonists would purchase their sugar
as a result. The money made from the British sugar was designed to pay for the war
debt, but colonists responded by boycotting British sugar or smuggling in foreign
British Perspective- We are in serious debt caused by the war we fought for the
colonists. All we are asking is that colonists pay to buy our own sugar so we can use
the money to pay for the debt. We are not taxing our own sugar so colonists do not
have to pay a tax. The colonists are boycotting (refusing to buy as a form of protest)
British sugar and smuggling (illegally sneaking into the country) foreign sugar in so
this isn’t helping us in any way.
Colonist Perspective- The British taxed the cheap foreign sugar that some of us use
so much. They are forcing us to buy their more expensive sugar. They have no right
to tax us since we are not represented. We had no say in how much the tax was or
what items would be taxed on. Plus, we should have a say in what we are allowed to
buy. Although this law mainly only impacts wealthy colonists who can afford these
taxes, we all think it is unfair! They are our parent country and it is their duty to
protect us and take care of us, not burden us.

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