Character traits and analysis

Character Traits and
What a character is like throughout a story
What does character
It’s a person, animal, or object the author uses
to tell a story
Real or make-believe
Have problems, feelings, and thoughts
Notice what say and do.
Questions to ask when
trying to figure out a
What trait does the
character have?
What does trait mean?
It is an interesting thing about a character
It’s what makes him/her/it special
Way a character looks or acts
“funny”, “fast”, “strong,” or “smart”
What words would you use
to describe Nick or Mrs.
Granger from Frindle?
What relationships does
the character have?
What does relationship mean in terms of
A connection between people
Think in terms of friends, famiy, or schoolmates
Bea and Carloina are sisters. They are also best
friends. They always do everything together.
What relationship does
Nick and Mrs. Granger
Why does the character
do something?
They may do something because of how they
Important to know why characters do things
within the story.
Why do you think Nick
decided to call a pen a
What problem does the
character have?
Characters usually have a problem that needs to
be solved.
Look for characters that may have a problem.
How do they solve their problem?
What do you think is Nick’s
problem in the story
How does the character
Characters can change within a story.
Another character or event may change how the
main chara ter acts
How do you think Mrs.
Grangers actions change
Let’s look at the clip to

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